FILM REVIEW: Cake (15)

Jennifer Aniston as Clare.

Jennifer Aniston as Clare. - Credit: Archant

Cake follows Clare, a reluctant member of a support group for chronic pain sufferers who becomes fixated with the suicide of another member while refusing to work on her own rehabilitation.

Jennifer Aniston’s performance as Clare has been overlooked at all major awards ceremonies so far and she’s been dealt a final cruel blow by being snubbed from even a nomination at this month’s Oscars.

While the masses mourn her losses, a closer look at Cake reveals her strong performance was buoyed by an outstanding story, supporting cast and cinematography.

It is slow and sad yet gripping and shocking.

Clare’s physical pain is immediately apparent, as is her short temper and seemingly life-long attitude problem.

The slow unravelling of why she hates her husband, why her long-suffering housekeeper refuses to quit and her obsession with the suicide case is surprisingly devastating.

Surprising because, for the majority of the film, Clare is a hateful character, yet when she makes those painful small steps towards accepting her own past, and in turn revealing it to us, all is forgiven.

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Cake is one of the less accessible Oscar contenders due to the heavy, dark content but stick with it and you’ll see the lightness and positivity shrouded by the tragic mood.

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