Film made in St Neots is unveiled at cinema

Sebastian & Me

Sebastian & Me - Credit: Archant

A short film shot by Channel 7 Productions, a film organisation in St Neots, premiered at Cineworld in the town on February 7.

Sebastian & Me tells the story of a boy named George, played by Samuel Broadway, who is about to start secondary school but cannot let go of his imaginary friend, Sebastian, played by Jacob von Heimendahl.

Filmed last summer in and around St Neots, the film saw 80 people attend its unveiling.

The film has even been entered into the British International Amateur Film Competition 2016, with results on its progress due back in March.

Darren Lalonde, co-founder of the organisation and producer of the film, said: “This film was a real pleasure to make despite the British weather. We were extremely lucky that we had such as talented cast and crew that have helped produce such an uplifting film.”

Darren co-wrote the script with colleague Lindsay Townley, who also runs the organisation, and it took them 14 months to complete the project.

Working with youngsters though, was a highlight with one extra just nine-years-old.

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Darren said: “Working with young actors is probably the most rewarding. They haven’t had much experience and taking someone who doesn’t know the process is quite fun.”

The film can be seen at