DVD Review: The Big Bang Theory Series 1-4

The first four series of the multi-award winning sitcom are available now on DVD.

The Big Bang Theory Series 1-4

Cert. 15

EVERYTHING television writer, Chuck Lorre, touches turns to gold, and the geek-centric sitcom, The Big Bang Theory, is no exception, having won multiple Emmy Awards and Golden Globes.

Now in its fifth season (showing on E4 every Thursday) the gang shows no sign of slowing down, with the tight-knit cast successfully incorporating new characters, and the writers continuing to produce laugh-a-minute episodes, littered with mind-boggling science and road-runner paced dialogue.

The show centres on inconceivably intelligent physicists Leonard and Sheldon, who, along with their equally geeky friends, Raj and Howard, lust over aspiring actress and real-life waitress Penny, who lives across the hall.

The first four seasons saw Leonard and Penny’s relationship develop and crumble, Sheldon’s neurosis reaching dangerous levels, Raj’s inability to talk in front of females dissipating and all four men (somehow) securing girlfriends, if only for short periods of time.