DVD Review: I Don’t Know How She Does It

Sarah Jessica Parker stars in this delightfully predictable rom-rom.

I Don’t Know How She Does It

Cert. 12A

1/5 stars

MADE by the man responsible for the grossly ‘Hollywood-ified’ versions of Jane Austen’s Emma, and Dickens’ Nicholas Nickleby, I Don’t Know How She Does It is perhaps the most formulaic rom-com to ever make it on screen.

The film’s (modest) success is solely down to it doing exactly what it says on the tin.

The fashionable one from Sex and the City (Sarah Jessica Parker) embodies the age-old feminine guilt-trip, juggling career and motherhood, as New York-based finance executive, Kate Reddy.

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Nothing goes too-far awry, with Kate’s understanding husband (Greg Kinnear) and amorous boss (Pierce Brosnan) helping her along to a predictably happy ending.