DVD Review: 30 Rock season 5

The fifth series of the Emmy-award winning American sitcom is available now on DVD.

30 Rock season 5

IF you’ve yet to discover the TV gem that is 30 Rock, why not start catching up now with the release of Season 5 on DVD.

Written by and starring first-lady of comedy, Tina Fey, as under-appreciated sitcom producer, Liz Lemon, who is charged with keeping her staff of unruly writers and infantile actors in check.

The ever-charming, twinkly-eyed, Alec Baldwin stars as television executive, Jack Donaghy, along with an impressive cohort of guest stars, including Susan Sarandon The series averaged over 5 million viewers per week in the U.S, so if you’re after a new box-set marathon viewing fix, look no further.