Radical Football by Steve Fleming is our adult book review

Radical Football by Steve Fleming.

Radical Football by Steve Fleming. - Credit: WATERSTONES ST NEOTS

Local author Steve Fleming recently held an event at St Neots Football club to publicise his insightful and intriguing book revolving around the work of Jurgen Greisbeck.

From using football to promote peace on the gangland streets of Medellin, to building a global network of 'Football for Good' organisations, Jurgen Griesbeck is now, through Common Goal, leading transformational change across the football industry.

This incredible story of one of the world's leading social entrepreneurs captures Jurgen's passion, drive and leadership, and presents a hopeful vision for the future of football, with contributions from some of the most disruptive, innovative and progressive thinkers in the game - the Radical XI.

This remarkable book shows how the power of football can be used for social change and if you always felt that the multi billion industry of football could do more in terms of helping those in need this will certainly give you food for thought on how they can.