Childs Book Review: Greg The Sausage Roll by Mark and Roxanne Hoyle

Greg The Sausage Roll by Mark and Roxanne Hoyle.

Greg The Sausage Roll by Mark and Roxanne Hoyle. - Credit: WATERSTONES ST NEOTS

In this lovely children's picture book we follow a Christmassy adventure where Santa needs some help on Christmas Eve and who should step into the limelight but Greg The Sausage Roll!

Not the most traditional Christmas figure, I grant you, but this can compete with the best Christmas fun.

A family rush into a bakery shop to see if they can find a mince pie to leave out for Santa on Christmas Eve, however the baker is about to shut and with no mince pie in sight they take home Greg The Sausage Roll instead. 

Greg is placed onto the mantelpiece next to a rather unimpressed carrot and with the scuffle of someone coming down the chimney his adventures are about to begin.

A lovely tale which is particularly good to read out loud to little ones.

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