This week's Hunts Post Book Reviews

The Burpee Bears by Joe Wicks is available at Waterstones in St Neots.

The Burpee Bears by Joe Wicks. - Credit: WATERSTONES

This week's adult book review is The Power of Geography by Tim Marshall, reviewed by Teresa Knight.

Tim Marshall in his outstanding new book explores the modern world and the power of geopolitics. 

By using 10 maps as his starting point, he explains the power of physical geography and its influence as to why our global politics are as they are.

For example, why Iran's unique geography enables the country to cut itself off from the world and yet influence much of the Middle East's structure.

Also, how Australia has a growing political influence due to the presence of China and its unique position as a Western democracy floating in the South Pacific and even the uniqueness of our own island, discussing where the United Kingdom is, and more importantly, where it may end up.

The book is factual, but not dry and with a healthy streak of humour this is a must read for those needing to understand our world.

The children's' book is The Burpee Bears by Joe Wicks,  reviewed by Kate Smith.

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This is Joe Wicks’s, the nation’s favourite PE teacher, first children’s picture book.

He takes us on an exciting adventure with a busy Burpee Bears family, who has lots of fun having cuddles in bed, spending time outdoors in the woods and cooking and eating together.

This heart-warming book will inspire your family to go on your own adventure, talk about your favourite moments of the day at bedtime, and have fun with cooking. 

There are bonus exercises and recipes at the end of the book to share with little ones, and the illustrations are fantastic.