Book Review: Great North Road by Steve Silk

Great North Road by Steve Silk.

Great North Road by Steve Silk. - Credit: WATERSTONES

In Huntingdonshire you are never far away from a slice of history and nowhere more so than along the route of the original Great North Road.

As the era of the motor car took over the original route has now on paper at least been replaced by the A1 but look closely and it is still possible to follow all the markers from London to Edinburgh.

Following the writings of Charles G Harper who a century ago had set out to do just the same thing, Steve Silk got on his bike and over a 14-day period successfully managed to trace the original road uncovering many interesting places and facts along the way.

This isn't a book about cycling, it's a book about a road. The Great North Road - undoubtedly the most romantic and most historic highway in the United Kingdom.