Adult Book Review: Listen by Kathryn Mannix

Listen by Kathryn Mannix

Listen by Kathryn Mannix - Credit: Waterstones St Neots

Most of us have a conversation that needs to be had but is being ignored or put off until another day.

Whether this is marriage issues, teenage problems, terminal illness or family loss or something else we don't want to face, it sits there somewhere deep down inside. 

The moment eventually comes when we must sit down, talk, listen and be there for one another. 

Very often we come away from these conversations feeling that they did not go well, that we should have done better. 

By bringing together stories of her life time experience in medicine and psychology in her book Listen, Kathryn Mannix shows us how we can lead meaningful difficult conversations by the art of listening and finding the right words. 

I could not put this book down, an absolute must read for every human being.