Adult Book Review: House of Glass by Hadley Freeman

House of Glass by Hadley Freeman

House of Glass by Hadley Freeman. - Credit: WATERSTONES ST NEOTS

Meticulously researched by Hadley Freeman, the granddaughter and great niece of the main characters of this true story about life for one family in pre-war Europe and America.

House of Glass takes us on a journey from Austro-Hungarian Poland to France and the USA with the Glass family. 

They escape pogroms in eastern Europe, enjoy pre-war life in Paris, only to suffer terribly during the war, and finally to reach fame after the war. 

Not all survive and not all succeed but their misfortunes do not define them, they drive them to pick themselves up and prove that even a poor Jewish person from a Polish gutter can become a famous Parisien with friends like Picasso and Christian Dior. 

The book is un-put-downable so be prepared to be sucked into the world of the Glasses and forgetting about your dinner.