New programme of events for Commemoration Hall

Commemoration Hall chairman Paul Sweeney.

Commemoration Hall chairman Paul Sweeney. - Credit: ANGELA SINGER

The Trustees of the Commemoration Hall in Huntingdon welcomed invited guests from the town and surrounding community to venue on July 21 as part of the venue's reopening. 

Guests included Huntingdon mayor, Cllr Karl Webb, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough myaor, Dr Nik Johnson and Huntingdon town councillor Samuel Sweek. 

It was a wonderful evening celebrating more than 5,000 hours of volunteering that has breathed new life into the historic building on Huntingdon High Street.

On July 21, 1842, the formal constitution was adopted for the opening of the Huntingdon Science and Literary Society and in July, 1959, the Trust deed was signed for the Commemoration Hall.

Trustees spoke passionately and emotionally about the journey through recent times, including a global pandemic, to get the Arts Cafe open and secure a huge programme of events for the rest of the year.

Each Trustee having their own story to tell of their connection to the hall, and how it was so personal to many of them to see the building back in use.

The clear message of the evening was simple 'inspiring creativity' within our community, making the Commemoration Hall the hub, the centre of the creative arts in Huntingdon. 

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Chairman Paul Sweeney said: "This building means so much to so many people within the community that we want to drive the profile of the venue back at the very heart of our amazing High Street. 

Entertainment on the evening was provided by Generations Dance Academy, Tracy Shorter (show producer) and Poppy Hall, local talent from Erin Scarfe, Beth D'Agati, Austeja Paulauskiene, Mandy Crellin and Joy Gingell with narration from Sandra Birnie. 

The new programme of events includes; RevPro Wrestling, Chuckl. Comedy Club, The Pantaloons, Solve-A-Long a Murder, She Wrote, Daniel Sloss UK Tour, Marvels of Mystery Magic Show and much much more. 

There was lots of entertainment at the Commemoration Hall in Huntingdon.

There was lots of entertainment at the event at the Commemoration Hall in Huntingdon. - Credit: ANGELA SINGER

The Arts Alive Festival runs from August 12 - October 31 and features workshops, presentations, displays encouraging the local community to try their hand at the creative arts! or online: