Coming up on TV this week: Louis Theroux-Extreme Love: Autism

Louis Theroux turns his investigative skills on a specialist school for autism in the US, and the families of its unpredictable students.

Louis Theroux-Extreme Love: Autism

Thursday 19th April, 9pm


KOOKY investigative television presenter, Louis Theroux, visits an innovative school in New Jersey to find out how their specialist intervention is helping the families of those with autistic spectrum disorders.

Nearly one in a hundred American children is diagnosed with an autistic disorder, which can make it impossible for them to live alongside their families as children, or independently as adults.

In this two-part series, Louis meets young people with varying degrees of autism, including Brian, who set fire to his home and attacked his mother, to bright 13-year-old Joey, and aspiring novelist Nicky.

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One thing they do have in common, are fiercely loyal families who struggle with the decisions they have to make for their loved ones.