CINEMA COMPETITION: American Sniper (15)

Bradley Cooper in American Sniper.

Bradley Cooper in American Sniper. - Credit: Archant

Clint Eastwood directs Bradley Cooper in the true story of the US military’s most lethal sniper.

Having been raised by a religious father who impressed upon him the importance of fighting evil, Chris Kyle (Bradley Cooper) signs up for brutal Navy SEAL training.

He’s quickly shipped off to Fallujah, where his role as a marksman is to protect his brothers-in-arms. It’s a nerve-shredding task, requiring him to make split-second distinctions between civilians and enemy combatants.

Such is Chris’s skill and pinpoint accuracy that he saves countless lives and earns the nickname ‘legend’. But this also means that insurgents soon put a price on his head.

This tense and harrowing film boasts a performance from a bulked-up Bradley Cooper and doesn’t shy away from exploring the terrible psychological aftermath of war.

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