Book Review: The Inbetweeners Yearbook

The Inbetweeners boys are back with the Rudge Park School yearbook, lovingly edited by brief-case toting Will.

The Inbetweeners Yearbook

Damon Beesley and Iain Morris

FOLLOWING the success of their summer box-office smash The Inbetweeners Movie, Simon, Jay, Will and Neil have decided to further reward fans of their award-winning TV series with (their idea of) a book.

Brief case-toting Will McKenzie has been entrusted to edit the Rudge Park yearbook by his imposing headmaster, Mr Gilbert and, predictably, his three delinquent friends feature heavily.

Sensitive Simon provides some of his masterful ‘Love Poetry’ and self-appointed sex-guru Jay has devised a toe-curling A-Z of Sex.

In a bid to recapture some of the group’s summer holiday antics with Jay’s family at a muddy, dull caravan park, Simon has decided to include the Camber Sands Caravan Club newsletter, which is I’m sure exactly the kind of whimsical school memory Rudge Park students were hoping for in their yearbook.

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Not wanting to be left out, dullard Neil has contributed his Biology coursework, entitled ‘Do You Put the Balls In?’ He also offers some charming illustrations and shares his unconventional UCAS application.

The Inbetweeners Yearbook is an inventive take on a TV series companion book and fans are sure to enjoy the narrative from much-missed characters.

As is to be expected (if you’ve ever seen the TV show) the book features plenty of foul language and graphic sexual content.