Book Review: Me Before You

A moving story about Louisa and Will forging a relationship in the face of his obvious, and her hidden, misfortunes.

Me Before You

Jojo Moyes

LOUISA Clark is quite content with her caf� job, living with her parents and going to the pub with her boyfriend of seven years, but when she is unexpectedly let go, she soon realises she is qualified for little else than serving cakes and ‘hostessing’ of a more exotic nature.

When an impossibly well-paid opportunity as a companion to a quadriplegic man comes up, Louisa is forced to break-out of her comfort zone.

Will Traynor was enjoying life as a high-flying city executive and daredevil traveller when he was paralysed in a motorbike accident and, despite being able to do very little for himself, is not amused at the prospect of having a professional baby-sitter.

Louisa isn’t too enamoured with her new companion either, until she overhears a sickening conversation between Will’s mum and sister, and devises a plan to forge a relationship with Will in the six months she has been contracted for.

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For very different reasons, both Will and Louisa are trapped in the bubble of the tourist town they grew up in, and the series of adventures Louisa concocts for her charge prove beneficial for both of them, as they learn from each other in true Pygmalion style.

Moyes’ characters will envelop you, as the keenly observed details of their personalities, lifestyles and families make you hope for more for them, mourn their losses and understand their choices.

It’s impossible not to be moved by Me Before You, and despite the heavy subject matter, Moyes has written an extremely readable, accessible story that won’t leave you for long after you’ve finished it.