Bombshell is a tough but depressingly realistic depiction of sexual harassment in the media industry.

Bolstered by career-best performances from Margot Robbie, Charlize Theron and Nicole Kidman, director Jay Roach creates an unnerving tale of the unwanted advances that women face at work on a daily basis.

It's an all too real story that focuses on one of the most explosive news stories of recent years, the #MeToo scadal.

Even more harrowing is hearing the stories of sexual advances that countless women faced as they did what they could to get a job in the television news industry.

The film portrays the powerlessness that women can be left feeling - in this case in the face of a media mogul (Fox News head Roger Ailes, played unflinchingly by John Lithgow) who controls their pay, phone line and virtually everything else.

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It's a case of women being told to put up and shut up, while others simply think that they have to do what they're told to work their way up the career ladder.

But it's how the story develops that is most gripping, and as the victims band together there's a real sense of empowerment - though it's by no means an easy ride.

With more and more women coming forward, each with extremely graphic details, their stories become increasingly similar and upsetting. And it quickly becomes clear that it's all about women standing together and therefore strength in numbers as an investigation gets underway, and begins to be taken seriously.

If there's one line in the whole film that sums up the attitude to the accusations, it's "nobody wants to talk - can you blame them?"

And, of course, all of Ailes' male colleagues are on his side; some even go on air to defend him in televised interviews.

Overall, Bombshell is a tough but important watch - something that needs to be seen to understand how helpless the victims of sexual harassment can be left feeling.

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