Superhero movies don’t come any better – or bigger - than Avengers: Endgame.

The biggest blockbuster of the decade, it's a relief that Marvel superfans - who have dedicated the last ten years to the franchise - are given a well-rounded and jaw-dropping ending.

The finale - or so Marvel say - for one of the biggest movie series' of all time, Endgame is a perfect combination of humour, action and, more than any other previous film in the franchise, emotion.

Picking up where Infinity War left off, we find the remaining Avengers coming to terms with their grief, after losing half of their superhero friends to purple power-mad villain Thanos.

Tying up loose ends and drawing together various sub plots from 'Infinity War' and previous origin movies, there are expectedly multiple time hops and planet jumps as the last remaining heroes get the gang back together and set about undoing the past - whatever it takes - with the hope of bringing everyone they lost back to life.

Although Endgame carries an at-first daunting running time of three hours, time seems to flash by once we find ourselves immersed in the story.

The action scenes are once again visually stunning and the witty one-liners a hit; and seeing Thor turn into a beer-guzzling layabout is extremely amusing – an interesting subversion of his usual character arc.

It's a genuinely emotional watch, too, but we won't spoil that…

The ridiculous plot might be edging on the side of unbelievable, but when Tony Stark is explaining what the plan is, it seems entirely convincing: exactly what you want from a superhero movie - a true escape from reality where anything is possible.

Overall, then, Endgame is everything a superhero movie of this scale should be.

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