Annie Smith interviews Tom Leader in this, the first of her Spotlight columns

Annie Smith in the HCR studio.

Annie Smith in the HCR studio. - Credit: Archant

Huntingdon Community Radio presenter and producer Annie Smith launches her monthly Spotlight column.

Tom Leader in the HCR studio

Tom Leader in the HCR studio - Credit: Archant

Could your neighbour be Ed Sheeran’s protégée?

Could the local postman be the lead guitarist in the next Radiohead? Who knows, maybe the shop assistant has a voice that competes with Adele! As a presenter/producer on the Friday night Spotlight show on HCR104fm, I meet a variety of musical acts and entertainment groups. This monthly column is therefore dedicated to featured acts who I feel deserve a spotlight on them and their music.

Kicking off this column, I present to you Tom Leader. Appearing on the show in late January, Tom came into the studio and talked about his inspirations, current music and plans for the future. With his debut EP released in December and another EP in the making this 18-year-old is very busy indeed! Balancing his A-levels, a jazz trio and his solo musician project, his hard work and commitment is commendable. Moving On, his debut EP, is the first milestone in his career, and showcases his acoustic guitar skills and soft vocals. Lyrically his songs are very open to interpretation, which makes them catchy and memorable. Train Tracks, the only instrumental on the EP, shows how Tom technically and creatively pushes himself in the performance and the production of each track. His relaxing style of music will help anyone unwind after a long day and the Spotlight team look forward to his next EP.

Head over to the podcast section on to hear the interview in full. Or find Tom on Facebook: @tomleadermusic and be sure to drop him a like.

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