All bets are on as Phileas comes to Cambridge

The cast will bring to life the madcap tale at the Cambridge Junction.

The cast will bring to life the madcap tale at the Cambridge Junction. - Credit: Christa Holka, 2014

As bets go, the wager made by Phileas Fogg has got to be up there with the most audacious of all time.

His claim that he could circumnavigate the world in 80 days was met with a “Go on then” by his Victorian doubters.

So confident were they of his failure that their flutter totalled thousands of pounds.

Previously a film and cartoon series, the story of Jules Verne’s literary legend, written in 1873, has now been adapted for the stage and is coming to Cambridge Junction this month.

As in the book, Fogg, who takes with him just a pocket watch and a bag full of money, is followed every step of the way by his French servant Jean Passepartout.

But for this stage version, expect clowning, live music, storytelling and a cast assembled from all around the globe.

The transport options are numerous and the scrapes are non-stop.

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It’s billed as a high-speed, mad-cap, transcontinental race against the clock to make it back to Blighty in time for Christmas.

For an entertaining trailer for the globetrotting production, visit the venue’s website. INFORMATION: At various times until January 4. Tickets cost £14 with £10 concessions and £40 for a group of four (maximum two adults). To book, call the box office on 01223 511511 or visit