Album Review: At Last-The Best of Etta James

A definitive collection of the late, great, Etta James’ most memorable songs.

At Last

The Best of Etta James

AT LAST, with on of the most distinctive opening lines in lyrical history, and covered to death- most notably by Beyonc� at Obama’s inauguration ball-has become the musical epitaph of matriarch of jazz, Etta James.

Along with empowerment anthem W.O.M.A.N and the painfully romantic I’d Rather Go Blind, this definitive compilation showcases the extraordinary talent of the Grammy Award winner.

Released just three days after her passing on January 20th, music label honchos were obviously keen to peddle the wares of one of the greatest female vocalists of all time, safe in the knowledge that her distinctive voice will always sell records.

And so it should.

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