Show your trousers off at the Abbotsley Feast Week

The village of Abbotsley will be hosting its annual Feast Week in July.

Visitors and locals can look forward to enjoying a huge variety of events, from July 13-22, suitable for all the family, including a pub quiz, bingo, fete and a barn dance at the Eight Bells pub.

There will also be a golf day and childrens’ disco as well as a competition, which has been given a slight twist this year.

“This year the theme has moved from scarecrows to ‘plant your pants’ and the village will be full of trousers topped with colourful flowers,” said Marie Wimlett.

“Abbotsley warmly welcomes you to come and see us and to join in the fun at its fete, barn dance, pub quiz, bingo, live jazz and lots more. There will also be a celebratory service at St Margaret’s Church on July 22,” she added.

The feast week is held in honour of St Margaret of Antioch, the patron saint of St Margaret’s Church in the village.

“Legend has it that St Margaret, daughter of pagan priest Aedesius, was tortured and eventually beheaded after refusing to renounce her Christianity following the marriage proposal by Olybrius, governor of the Roman diocese of the east,” explained Marie.

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“She was canonised in 304AD century. Putting aside unlikely tales of devils and dragons, there is no doubt she is a saint and her day is July 20.”

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