1930’s style party to celebrate the 80th birthday of the St Neots Quads

The St Neots Quads with their two nurses from Great Ormond Street Hospital

The St Neots Quads with their two nurses from Great Ormond Street Hospital - Credit: Archant

A 1930’s-style party is being held in St Neots this weekend to celebrate the 80th birthday of the famous St Neots quads.

The event, which will be officially opened by the quads who were born on November 28, 1935, is at the St Neots Museum and will feature an exhibition of 1930’s toys and other items connected with babies and children from the era.

The museum has obtained old toys and nursery items for the display, which is part of the party weekend on November 28 and 29, and the museum in New Street will be open from 11am till 4pm. The event will include family activities, period music, a cafe and 1930’s characters, including a chimney sweep.

Museum curator Liz Davies said there was a lot of excitement about the event, and the exhibition which will feature the story of the lives of Ernest, Paul, Michael and Ann Miles who were born seven weeks prematurely at a house in Ferrars Avenue, Eynesbury.

“They are the town’s most famous celebrities and although this kind of event wouldn’t make headline news today, due to advances in medicine, by the standards of the time it was incredible that all four babies survived.”

The quad’s father, Walter Miles, told The Hunts Post of the time: “I am no longer Walter Miles, lorry driver, I am the father of the St Neots quads,”

The babies were later transferred to a “Dr Harrison’s house” in New Street for some specialist care and four nurses from Great Ormond Street were sent to help look after them.

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INFO: If you have any items you would be willing to lend the museum for the exhibition, contact Liz Davies or a volunteer at the museum on 01480 214163 or email: curators@stneotsmuseum.org.uk.