Young keeps Stanjay in the hunt for qualification

East Midlands Winter League After a disastrous previous round on the River Cam, it was with determination and some trepidation that our VDE Stanjay Special team went to the Glen and Welland at Spalding on Sunday. This had never been a favourite venue but

East Midlands Winter League

After a disastrous previous round on the River Cam, it was with determination and some trepidation that our VDE Stanjay Special team went to the Glen and Welland at Spalding on Sunday.

This had never been a favourite venue but a very consistent team performance, with a sixth place our lowest score, saw an excellent win on the day. We had some good draws including impressive individual match winner Ricky Young and the anglers drawn on the River Glen were almost those we would have nominated. After the poor last round it was a most pleasing performance.

Unfortunately from the league position, Browning Hotrods were second and Mark One White third, so both are still above us in the series and must be favourites for the two qualifying places but VDE Stanjay Special have given ourselves a chance going into the two final rounds on the Fen Drains and then Cock Bank.

Ricky Young, drawn on the town Welland, caught 80 quality roach to win the match with 34lb 7oz. Wades' Chris Hardman was second, Peterborough's Mike Kirby fourth and Tony Fletcher, again from Stanjay Specials, fifth. The leader in the individual championship, the Stacey cup, is Anthony Watling fishing for VDE Stanjay Special with eight points - just one ahead of a four-way tie for second.

RESULT (Individual): 1 Ricky Young VDE Stanjay Special 34lb 7oz, 2 Chris Hardman Wades MG 21lb 15oz, 3 Mike Kirby MAP Peterborough 20lb 15oz, 4 Tim Dabrowa Browning Hotrods 20lb 6oz, 5 Tony Fletcher VDE Stanjay Special 19lb 11oz

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Teams on Day: 1 VDE Stanjay Special 31pts, 2 Browning Hotrods 37pts, 3 Sensas Mark One White 39pts, 4 Sensas Mark One Black 43pts, 5 Wades MG 46pts

League to Date: 1 Browning Hotrods 12pts, 2 Sensas Mark One White 13pts, 3 VDE Stanjay Special 15pts, 4 Sensas Mark One Black 16pts, 5 Wades MG 17pts

Stanjay Saturday Open

It is not often that the main river is in perfect condition in November but Saturday saw a lowest weight of over five pounds and a fantastic winning net of 17 pounds of roach for Hotrods' Andy Leathers from peg 14, catching throughout on pinkie. Stan, fishing peg 6, the golden peg was second with nearly 11 pounds and Steve Roslyn third, just beating Paul Ashcroft.

RESULT: 1 Andy Leathers Browning Hotrods 17lb, 2 Stan Binge VDE Stanjay MG 10lb 13oz, 3 Steve Roslyn 7lb 8oz, 4 Paul Ashcroft St Ives 7lb 5oz, 5 Chris Geeson St Ives 6lb 6oz

Cromwell Lake

Steve Ashwell fished the venue for the first time in several weeks but had not lost his golden touch and won the match convincingly from peg 7 with 36lb 9oz, which included bream, tench and small carp. Terry Allgood was second and also just lost the small fish weighing in 6lb 1oz to Graham Gooddraw's 6lb 7oz.

RESULT: 1 Steve Ashwell St Neots 36lb 9oz, 2 Terry Allgood 8lb 3oz

Small fish net: Graham Gooddraw 6lb 7oz

Ramsey AS

This week's club winter league match was fished at Factory Bank which saw all those present catch over four pounds. Winner John Steels included a 4lb 10oz bream to beat Paul Kilby and deny him a golden peg win. Andrew Kilby was third and Frank Bevilaqua fourth.

RESULT: 1 John Steels 13lb 4oz, 2 Paul Kilby 11lb 12oz, 3 Andrew Kilby 10lb, 4 Frank Bevilaqua 9lb 4oz

Benwick AC

Fishing was difficult at Floods Ferry on Sunday with Dick Denson winnng the match from Jon Seekins and Kevin Gaunt.

RESULT: 1 Dick Denson 4lb 2oz, 2 Jon Seekins 2lb 6oz, 3 Kevin Gaunt 1lb 2oz

Brampton AS

Brampton started their winter pairs series with a match on Horseshoe Lake at Decoy on Sunday. Colin Oliver has won the last four individual matches and it was his partner Mick Sonnett who took the honours on Sunday although Colin also won his section to give them just two points and a fantastic start in the pairs event.

RESULT (Individual): 1 Mick Sonnett 60lb 8oz, 2 Kevin Medlock 40lb 6oz

Pairs: 1 Mick Sonnett/Colin Oliver 2pts, 2 Kevin Medlock/Kevin Peacock 5pts, 3= Tony Last/Chris Saunders and Graham Goodwin/Dave Silsby 6pts

The next match is on Lous lake at Decoy before two rounds on Raveley Drain.

St Neots AC

Jean Paul Thomas had an excellent 24lb 6oz to win Saturday's match at Wilden reservoir.

RESULT: 1 Jean-Paul Thomas 24lb 6oz, 2 Chris Young 5lb 13oz

Grahams Pond

Catching was difficult in what was to be the final match for the moment. Graham Marsh was the winner from Dave Debbin.

RESULT: 1 Graham Marsh 3lb 3oz, 2 Dave Debbin 9oz

Fishing Fixtures


Godmanchester AS Saturday Open (King of the Rec) - Godmanchester Recreation Ground - Draw 11.30am - Fish 12.15-4.30pm

Cromwell Lake - Sweepstake - Draw 11am - Fish 12 noon-5pm (two keepnets needed)

Grahams Pond - No winter matches planned, lake open for pleasure fishing (01480 351034)


East Midlands Winter League - Practice Match - Benwick, Factory Bank, Raveley Drain - Draw Marex - 8am - Fish 10am-3pm

Ramsey AS - Open Match - Ramsey St Mary's - Draw 8.15am - Fish 10am-3pm

Benwick AS - Club Match - Burtons Bank - Draw 8am - Fish 9am-2pm


Lawn Farm - Golden Rod Open match - Willow Lake