WORLD champion Lee Coville was the guest of honour at Kwai Muay Thai’s annual interclub competition on Saturday.

WORLD champion Lee Coville was the guest of honour at Kwai Muay Thai's annual interclub competition on Saturday.

The competition at the St Ives-based club was attended by 36 fighters from five Cambridgeshire clubs: Kwai Muay Thai St Ives, St Neots Muay Thai, Sandy Dragons, Chao Phraya St Ives and Singto Cambridge.

Coville presented medals to all competitors after an exciting afternoon of semi-contact fighting.

Kwai Muay Thai founder Tim Palmer said he was proud of the performance of all the fighters involved, and thanked all who helped put on the event, including referee Ryan Rudkin of Singto.

Palmer said: "From our humble beginnings as a fitness-based class we have seen our numbers grow. We have been able to develop a number of fighters who have taken part in various competitions over the last couple of years."

The club has also started a free youth group aimed at 14 to 17-year-olds.

Palmer added: "It is with the continued support of people like Lee Coville, Ryan Rudkin and the other local club instructors that we have been able to continue to raise the standard of the club and promote the benefits of Muay Thai as a martial art and fitness concept."

INFORMATION: Kwai Muay Thai train at the Broad Leas Centre from 7.15-9pm on Tuesday, with the first lesson free. To find out more, call Tim Palmer on 07707 501674.