Winter League set for nail-biting final round

Angling with Stan and Fizz


East Midlands

Winter League

THE has been incredibly close this year and looks likely to go down to the final fish in the final round.

On Sunday on a patchy North Level, the Fox Match Stanjay Gold team won the match and went into top spot in the league after a solid team performance.

Five of the team finished second in section and four others in third after a nerve-racking five hours in the difficult conditions.

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Fox Match Stanjay Red also had cause to celebrate, with the team in equal third place, led by David Saunders who was individual second overall and captain Ian Benton, who came third.

RESULT (Individual): 1. Jon Taylor Maver Bait-Tech 23lb, 2. David Saunders Fox Match Stanjay Red 10lb 3oz, 3. Ian Benton Fox Match Stanjay Red 8lb 5oz, 4. Anthony Williams Browning Hotrods 7lb 10oz, 5. Lee Klimczuk Fox Match Stanjay Gold 7lb 7oz.

Teams on day : 1. Fox Match Stanjay Gold 28pts, 2. Browning Hotrods 33pts, =3 Fox Match Stanjay Red & Sensas Mark One 35pts, 5. Maver Bait-Tech 39pts, 6. Garbolino Peterborough 41pts.

League: 1. Fox Match Stanjay Gold 9pts, 2. Maver Bait-Tech 11pts, 3. Browning Hotrods 12pts, 4. Garbolino Peterborough 14pts, 5. Sensas Mark One 16pts, 6. Fox Match Stanjay Red 20pts

Ramsey AS

The pegs nearest to the bridge saw the best weights on Sunday with Andrew Kilby the winner with three tench, skimmers and perch for 16lb 5oz.

Vern Edgley was second with one tench and Paul Kilby third with all small fish.

RESULT: 1. Andrew Kilby 16lb 5oz, 2. Vern Edgley 9lb 4oz, 3. Paul Kilby 8lb 2oz.

St Ives AS

Jon Maling caught a lovely net of 21lb 10oz of roach, rudd and skimmers to win the St Ives club match on Sunday.

Paul Ashcroft and Steve Cox took the minor places from pegs in the same area.

RESULT: 1. Jon Maling 21lb 10oz, 2. Paul Ashcroft 14lb, 3. Steve Cox 13lb 12oz.

Benwick AC

Sunday’s match again took place in the village end of Chapel Farm with winner Tony Ingram catching 7lb 12oz of perch and skimmers.

Kevin Gaunt, one of the anglers in equal second, caught on hemp.

RESULT: 1. Tony Ingram 7lb 12oz, =2 Kevin Gaunt & Dave Jarrett 6lb 8oz, 4. John Ayres 5lb 10oz.

St Neots AS

Mick Sonnett won Saturday’s club match on Jay Lake at Pidley with 22lb 8oz ahead of James Blacow and Keith West.

RESULT: 1. Mick Sonnett 22lb 8oz, 2. James Blacow 20lb 14oz, 3. Keith West 17lb 4oz.

Lawn Farm

LAST week’s Golden Rod match saw St Neots anglers Chris Young and Keith West take the top two places with Dennis Holliday third.

RESULT: 1. Chris Young St Neots 56lb 10oz, 2. Keith West St Neots 33lb 10oz, 3. Dennis Holliday Biggleswade 28lb 13oz.

Cross Drove

Wednesday: 1. Rodney Finch Deben 29lb 6oz, 2. Tony Anderson DAD 25lb 6oz, 3. Adam Hayward Cross Drove 20lb 4oz.

Saturday: 1. Mark Pollard Fox Match Stanjay Gold Dynamite 50lb 6oz, 2. Hilton Kemp Lowestoft 45lb 6oz, 3. Neil Parkinson Dynamite Middy 41lb 12oz.

Sunday: 1. Stuart Payne DAD 46lb 3oz, 2. Steve Norman Kev’s Tackle 24lb 13oz, 3. Bob Clark DAD 24lb 3oz.

Head Fen

MATT Ayers won the qualifier on Snake Lake on Saturday.

1. Matt Ayers Dents 65lb 5oz, 2. Dave Priestley Shipshape Tackle 57lb 6oz, 3. Marcus Bailey Headfen 56lb 6oz, 4. Gary Burton Millview 52lb 3oz.

Fishing Fixtures

Today (Wednesday)

Cross Drove Fishery – Qualifier – Draw 8.45am – Fish 10am-3pm.


Ramsey AS – Junior Pike Match – Ramsey St Marys – Draw 10.30am – Fish 11am-3pm.

Cross Drove Fishery – Qualifier – Draw 8.45am – Fish 10am-3pm.


East Midlands Winter League – Old Nene March – Draw 8.15am – Fish 10.30am-3.30pm.

Ramsey AS – Winter Series Match One – Staffurths Bridge – Draw 8am – Fish 9am – 2pm.

Benwick AC – Chapel Farm Village End – Draw 8am – Fish 9am-2pm.

Head Fen Fishery – Qualifier 8 – Snake Lake – Draw 8.45am – Fish 10am-3pm.

Cross Drove Fishery – Qualifier – Draw 8.45am – Fish 10am-3pm.


Lawn Farm – Golden Rod Match – Honeysuckle lake – Draw 9am – Details 01954 718269.

Wednesday, November 24

Cross Drove Fishery – Qualifier – Draw 8.45am – Fish 10am-4pm.