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Cromwell Lake The second match in the little & large Saturday series took place at the weekend. In sunny conditions, although fewer big fish were caught, the weights were again good for such hot weather. The aim is to get good points for each net, one

Cromwell Lake

The second match in the 'little & large' Saturday series took place at the weekend. In sunny conditions, although fewer big fish were caught, the weights were again good for such hot weather.

The aim is to get good points for each net, one with fish under 1 lb and the other for fish over that weight. This week the anglers who took the first two places overall were not the ones with the top weights in either category. Graham Gooddraw, with the third best small fish net and fourth place in the big net competition, was the overall winner from Keith Ellington with a fourth and sixth place respectively. There were then four anglers equal on points with Steve Ashwell just the best on weight countback.

RESULT (Overall): 1 Graham Gooddraw 35pts; 2 Keith Ellington 32pts; 3 Steve Ashwell 31pts (28lb 4oz); also 31pts John Pratt (25lb 9oz), Ricky Ashwell (19lb 8oz), Terry Allgood (9lb)

Stan did not have the best of days losing his only 'big fish' and apparently losing some of his small fish weight because of a hole in his keepnet.

Wednesday Evening Sweepstake

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The weights were tremendous in last Wednesday's evening sweepstake. The lowest of the top six weights was Stan's 17lb 12oz. In-form Graham Gooddraw was the winner with 36lb 14oz from peg 9. Steve Ashwell was second with 26lb 12oz from peg 3 and Ricky Ashwell third from peg 26.

RESULT: 1 Graham Gooddraw, Brampton 36lb 14oz; 2 Steve Ashwell, St Neots 26lb 12oz; 3 Ricky Ashwell, St Neots 21lb 7oz; 4 Keith Ellington, 20lb 12oz; 5 Ian Benton, VDE Stanjay M G 19lb; 6 Stan Binge VDE Stanjay M G 17lb 12oz.

Nene Summer League

The first match of this summer's Nene series was fished on Sunday at Stibbington, Water Newton, Alwalton and Milton. Despite weed and pike making life difficult for some of the anglers, weights were generally good. The winner was Mark One's Martin Roper with 14lb 11oz of tench and roach from Alwalton. Bourne's Pete Lee was second with four good chub and small fish from the peg below Stibbington bridge. The next four places all went to anglers drawn at Stibbington up and down.

Teamwise, Essex Youths took top spot just one point in front of MAP Peterborough blue. The VDE Stanjay team took third spot with mark One Gonks fourth.

RESULT (individual): 1 Martin Roper Mk 1 Blue 14lb 11oz; 2 Pete Lee Bourne 14lb 3oz; 3 Lee Klimczuk Essex Youths 13lb 8 1/2 oz; 4 Adam Playford Mk 1 Gonks 12lb 4oz; 5 John Means MAP Peterborough Blue 9lb 7oz; 6 Chris Vandervleit Essex Youths 9lb 4oz.

Teams: 1 Essex Youths 23pts; 2 MAP Peterborough Blue 24pts; 3 VDE Stanjay Supercup 27pts; 4 MK 1 Gonks 28pts; 5= Bourne & MK 1 Black 32pts.

St Ives AS

Chris Geeson beat Tony McGregor to the tench in Thursday's Coote cup match fished in 'C' section, catching two in his 10lb 2oz weight. Tony was second and Paul Ashcroft third.

RESULT: 1 Chris Geeson 10lb 2oz; 2 Tony McGregor 3lb; 3. Paul Ashcroft 2lb 6oz.

In Sunday's club match in 'D' section, Colin Leach caught 148 small fish to weigh in 9lb 5oz. Roger Simms was second with Paul Ashcroft again third.

RESULT: 1 Colin Leach 9lb 5oz; 2 Roger Simms 5lb 3 1/2oz; 3 Chris Geeson 4lb 5oz.

Ramsey AS

Josh Pace is now the outright leader in the Thursday Tankard Series after a convincing win last Thursday at Ramsey St Marys. He caught two tench and a bream in his 12lb 3oz. The victory was made even more sweet because Josh was pegged next to Paul Kilby. M Wilson was second and Keith Rayment was third.

RESULT: 1 Josh Pace 12lb 3oz; 2 M Wilson 6lb 5oz; 3 Keith Rayment 3lb 4oz.

On Sunday in the Morgan Cup, Duncan Folkes caught seven tench and weighed 16lb 5oz. In second place was Andrew Kilby and in third Keith Rayment.

RESULT: 1 Duncan Folkes 16lb 5oz; 2 Andrew Kilby 7lb 2oz; 3 Keith Rayment 4lb 12oz.

Benwick AC

The first three anglers caught one 'big' fish each in a close finish in Sunday's match fished at Chapel Farm. The winner was Dave Porter with Tony Ingram second and Terry Moat third.

RESULT: 1 Dave Porter 7lb 4oz; 2 Tony Ingram 6lb 15oz; 3 Terry Moat 5lb 8oz.

Rookery Waters

B R J was on Magpie Lake and, although the weights were not exceptional on a very hot day, the match was close with Roger Rowley winning with 32lb 12oz caught on bread.

RESULT: 1 Roger Rowley 32lb 12oz; 2 Mark Steels 29lb 2oz; 3 Pete Huddlestone 27lb; 4 Steve Morgan 25lb 10oz; 5 Malcolm Johnston 21lb 4oz; 6 Fred Clements.

Lawn Farm

The 'golden rod' match was fished on Honeysuckle Lake last Tuesday. Roger Abbott with 26lb 10oz was the winner from peg 26 with Dennis Holliday second and Mack McFiggins third.

RESULT: 1 Roger Abbott Huntingdon 26lb 10oz; 2 Dennis Holliday Biggleswade 25lb 8oz; 3 Mack McFiggins Riseley 12lb 1oz.