BOWLS: Silver Jubilee Vase success and Donald Steward Trophy defeat for Huntingdonshire women’s teams

Nicky Verlander skipped a winning Huntingdonshire rink in the Donald Steward Trophy defeat to Northa

Nicky Verlander skipped a winning Huntingdonshire rink in the Donald Steward Trophy defeat to Northants. - Credit: Archant

There was delight for one Huntingdonshire Women’s team and defeat for another in their first fixtures of the new county season.

The local ladies claimed an emphatic 144-88 victory at Northants in their opening Silver Jubilee Vase outing when completing a clean sweep of victories on all five rinks. The successful skips were Carole Hickey, Linda Levi, Mandy Woodrow, Nicky Hastings and Lynne King.

But it was a different story in the Donald Steward Trophy as they were beaten 105-87 by the same county despite wins for the rinks of Nicky Verlander and Andrea Rose.

Hunts are back in action when hosting Norfolk in both competitions next Wednesday (June 13).


Donald Steward Trophy

Northants 105, Hunts 87

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Hunts rinks: June Blackall/Daphne Meats/Nicky Verlander won 21-15, Sylvia Armstrong/Pauline Whittlesey/Andrea Rose won 21-16, Janice White/Jenny Martin/Val Corn lost 17-29, Sandra Day/Janet Chapman/Lynda Childs lost 19-22, Glenys Cousins/Jean Whittamore/Celia Steward lost 9-23.

Silver Jubilee Vase

Northants 88, Hunts 144.

Hunts rinks: Pat Brce/Jenny Martin/Carole Hickey won 39-14, Patsy Coles/Jill Francis/Linda Levi won 27-17, Teresa Biccaregui/Joy Kent/Mandy Woodrow won 25-16, Brenda Read/Lisa Haynes/Nicky Hastings won 27-24, Andrea Banham/Jenny Hurst/Lynne King won 26-15.

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