BOWLS: More Silver Jubilee Vase success and Donald Steward Trophy disappointment for Hunts Women

The Hunts women's team are pictured with English Bowling Federation president Trevor Harris ahead of

The Hunts women's team are pictured with English Bowling Federation president Trevor Harris ahead of their Silver Jubilee Vase win against Norfolk. - Credit: Archant

There is double delight for one Hunts Women’s team – and double disappointment for another.

The local county eased to a second successive Silver Jubilee Vase victory last Wednesday when beating Norfolk 116-95 at St Ives BC.

But, at the same time, the Donald Steward Trophy squad were slipping to a second consecutive defeat when losing 126-90 to the same county at Somersham BC.

Linda Levi and Mandy Woodrow skipped the two successful Hunts rinks in the Silver Jubilee Vase contest which was watched by English Bowling Federation president Trevor Harris. County president Carole Hickey’s trio were involved in a tie in their match.

Hunts also triumphed on two rinks in the Donald Steward Trophy as skips Val Corn and Andrea Rose both prevailed by a single shot, while Celia Steward’s trio were pipped 24-23. But heavy defeats on the other two rinks led to overall defeat.

Hunts return to Donald Steward Trophy action next Wednesday (June 27) when hosting North Cambs at Somersham BC, but the Silver Jubilee Vase side are without a fixture due to North Cambs not entering that competition.


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Donald Steward Trophy

Hunts 90, Norfolk 126

Hunts rinks: Janice White/Ally Wilson/Val Corn won 20-19, Sylvia Armstrong/Pauline Whittlesey/Andrea Rose won 22-21, Lynda Childs/Janet Chapman/Sandra Day lost 17-28, June Blackall/Daphne Meats/Nicky Verlander lost 8-34, Glenys Cousins/Jenny Martin/Celia Steward lost 23-24.

Silver Jubilee Vase

Hunts 116, Norfolk 95

Hunts rinks: Patsy Coles/Jill Francis/Linda Levi won 35-10, Brenda Read/Joy Kent/Mandy Woodrow won 26-18, Pat Brace/Jenny Hurst/Carole Hickey drew 18-18, Jayne Ferguson/Lynne King/Nicky Hastings lost 18-25, Joan Rogers/Pauline Simmons/Sandra Gentile lost 19-24.