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THIS Saturday sees the start of the fishing season on rivers and drains. While not as eagerly awaited as in the days when there was no fishing at all from March 15 to June 16, there are still many anglers for whom the start of river fishing is very specia

THIS Saturday sees the start of the fishing season on rivers and drains.

While not as eagerly awaited as in the days when there was no fishing at all from March 15 to June 16, there are still many anglers for whom the start of river fishing is very special.

The heavy rain a couple of weeks ago should have improved conditions and fishing should be good.

The fact that the 16th falls on a Saturday could also encourage anglers to take to the banks.

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Cromwell Lake Van Den Eynde Saturday Series

IN common with many venues at the moment, fishing is not easy and is quite unpredictable.

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The match was won on Saturday by Graham Gooddraw from peg 5 with 24lb. Terry Allgood was second from peg 9 with 13lb and then the weights were disappointing but close with Jason Roslyn taking third place with just 8lb 5oz.

Stan and Mark Dickerson yet again had the best two small fish weights with Stan taking the prize this week with 6lb 2oz.

It is to be hoped that there is some more settled weather over the next couple of weeks so that the final on June 30 sees better weights.

RESULT: 1. Graham Gooddraw, Brampton, 24lb, 2. Terry Allgood Cromwell lake 13lb, 3. Jason Roslyn 8lb 5oz, 4. Dave Silsby Brampton 8lb 5 Mark Dickerson St Neots 7lb 2oz

Leeda Wednesday Series

IT was an Ashwell family one and two in last Wednesday's match with Steve winning with 24lb 11oz.

Ricky was second with 13lb 15oz and Dave Silsby third with 11lb 14oz.

RESULT: 1. Steve Ashwell GOT Baits 24lb 11oz, 2. Ricky Ashwell GOT Baits 13lb 15oz, 3. Dave Silsby Brampton 11lb 14oz, 4. Graham Gooddraw Brampton 10lb 15oz

After five potential matches fished in the series, Brian Gibson on 81 is just two points ahead of Nick Marriott with Stan next then Steve Ashwell.

Ramsey AS

THE final close season club match was fished on Magpie lake at Pidley on Sunday.

Josh Pace was the winner with 66lb 4oz ahead of Stanjay teammate Jon Hazelden with 62lb.

Pete Norris repeated his third place from last Wednesday's OAP Open taking some good 'scalps' and Roy Whincup and Andrew Kilby were equal fourth.

RESULT: 1. Josh Pace 66lb 4oz, 2. Jon Hazelden 62lb, 3. Pete Norris 59lb 4oz, 4. Andrew kilby and Roy Whincup 47lb

Rookery farm

THE fish were generally not feeding well in Wednesday's OAP open match although winner Syd Starr caught well weighing in 42lb 7oz.

The other weights were very disappointing with Geoff Wells finishing second, Pete Norris third and match organiser Audrey Abbott fourth.

RESULT: 1. Syd Starr 42lb 7.5oz, 2. Geoff Wells 13lb 10oz, 3. Pete Norris 8lb 5oz, 4. Audrey Abbott 8lb 3oz.

Lawn Farm

FISHERY owner John Logan was again successful in Monday evening's match on Honeysuckle Lake catching 46lb of carp and bream.

Paul Hendy was second with 41lb and Mick Milton third.

RESULT: 1. John Logan Lawn Farm 46lb, 2. Paul Hendy Stanjay M. G. 41lb, 3. Mick Milton 35lb 8oz

Last week's 'golden rod' match was also fished on Honeysuckle Lake with Mick Burge the best of the 16 competitors. John Pratt was second and George Tebb was third.

RESULT: 1. Mick Burge St Neots 33lb 10oz, 2. John Pratt Gt Paxton 25lb 10oz, 3. George Tebb Bury St Edmunds 23lb 4oz.

Graham's Pond

IN Saturday's 'King of the Pond' Open, Greg Marsh was well ahead with 10lb 8oz of small tench and crucians.

Tony Watling was second and Bob Stobart third.

RESULT: 1. Greg Marsh 10lb 8oz, 2. Tony Watling 4lb 12oz, 3. Bob Stobart 4lb 3oz.

Sunday's Plumb-It Challenge second round match was a comprehensive victory for Spitfires 'A' who took the top four places individually to beat the Lord Protector.

RESULT: 1. Graham Marsh 12lb 4oz, 2. Terry Kelly 7lb 4oz, 3. John Swaim 4lb 12oz, 4. Bob Stobart 2lb 8oz ( all Spitfires 'A' )

Head Fen Lakes

WE have results from the last couple of weeks from Head Fen.

The final match in the pairs series was fished at the end of May and although partners Rob Lincoln and Lee Thornton also took first and second places individually on the day, the pairs event was won easily by Carl Gifford and Cheryl Horton who took a good lead into the match and finished second pair on the day.

This weekend's qualifier was won by Stanjay's Paul Hendy who caught 20lb 6oz from peg 6. Tom Wilson was second, John Belshaw third and Trevor Oakman fourth. With the fish hopefully about to spawn the weights were generally low.

RESULT: 1. Paul Hendy Stanjay M. G. 20lb 6oz, 2. Tom Wilson Spalding 19lb 1oz, 3. John Belshaw Cambridge 15lb, 4. Trevor Oakman Browning Stanjay 11lb.

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