Trampolining successes in Brentwood

ST Ives and Huntingdon Trampoline Club had a successful day in Brentwood, London, with many medals being won and two entrants successfully jumping up to their next regional grade.

Two first time competitors were also celebrating after the event with Oscar Mitchell taking bronze in the under-11s boys H class and Maddison Waldren winning silver in under-17s girls H class, and a team gold with Bethany Hurrell and Sophie Beattie. Beckie Martin won bronze in over-17s girls G division and was up-graded into F.

Katie Marson gained individual silver in under-15s girls G and also graded to F, helping teammates Lauren Brett, Sarah King and Katie Chandler take team silver on the way. Narrowly missing her second grading advance by 0.2 was Rhianne Chamberlain.

Also competing were brother and sister Oliver and Charlotte Pearce, brothers Pope and Judah Huxley, sisters Ciara and Carys Verdicchio, Madison Riformato, Sarah Allen-Farrelly, Hollie Cooper-Leach, Lily Herbert, Emma Ellington, Daisy Millar, Izzy Newsham, Chloe Brett and Lucy Weaver.

“The club is now in its second year of competition and our members are starting to settle down and focus in their routines,” said coach Paul Verdicchio.

“It is showing in the results that they are gaining. They all train with dedication and drive. Above all they all enjoy it and can’t wait till the next competition.”