Tench-ion mounts as Hayden wins

VDE Supercup SATURDAY S first round match between Brampton, Stanjay and Grebe at Raveley Drain proved a very exciting affair with the result as close as it could have been. Although Stanjay had the top two individuals, Brampton s practice proved de

VDE Supercup

SATURDAY'S first round match between Brampton, Stanjay and Grebe at Raveley Drain proved a very exciting affair with the result as close as it could have been.

Although Stanjay had the top two individuals, Brampton's practice proved decisive and a more 'solid' team result gave them the win and a place in the second round by the slender margin of just one point. Stanjay's Tony Hayden was the match winner with two tench in his 17lb 2oz from peg 13 between the bridges. Teammate Steve Gordon was second from peg 22 and Nick Marriott was third from peg 20.

It was A section which proved the best for Brampton with Colin Oliver, Kevin Medlock and Paul Irons in the top four. A very happy Brampton team now go into the draw for round two.

RESULT (individual): 1 Tony Hayden Stanjay 17lb 2oz, 2. Steve Gordon 12lb 10oz, 3 Nick Marriott Brampton 11lb 15.5oz, 4 Kevin Wilmott Grebe 11lb 1oz, 5 Colin Oliver Brampton 10lb 9oz

Teams: Brampton 62pts, Stanjay 61pts, Grebe 34pts

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Cromwell Lake

Graham Goodwin caught 18lb 2oz from peg 13 to win Saturday's sweepstake on Cromwell Lake. Steve Ashwell was second and his son Ricky was third. Gary Goodyear just beat Charlie Pratt for the small fish prize.

RESULT: 1 Graham Gooddraw Brampton 18lb 2oz, 2 Steve Ashwell St Neots 14lb 8oz, 3 Ricky Ashwell St Neots 9lb

Small fish winner: Gary Goodyear 1lb 8oz

Cromwell Lake Close Season Series

This Saturday sees the start of this year's close season series at Cromwell Lake. The finalists will be decided based on the results over the whole series with the top 18 anglers qualifying. The final will be on Saturday July 7, with £500 guaranteed for the winner and £100 for the top angler from the series. The other prizes will depend on the amount of money collected, last year an additional £1,000 was paid out. The draw is at 12noon with fishing from 1-5pm until the clocks change after when the finish will be later. Any further details can be obtained from Stan at the shop.

Ramsey AS

There was a good attendance of 14 anglers at Factory bank on Sunday. Conditions were excellent and the match was won by Andrew Kilby from the downstream end peg with 14lb 13oz. he caught a four pound eight ounce bream and a couple of good perch plus some better quality roach. Roger Gowler was second having drawn the golden peg and Paul Kilby was third.

RESULT: 1 Andrew Kilby 14lb 13oz, 2 Roger Gowler 10lb, 3 Paul Kilby 8lb 10oz, 4 Jon Steels 8lb 8oz

St Neots AC

Jean Paul Thomas was the winner of the Albert Shield fished at Lawn Farm on Saturday with 16lb 14oz. Dave Lack was not far behind in second with 12lb 8oz and Chris Young was third with 11lb 8oz.

RESULT: 1 Jean Paul Thomas 16lb 14oz, 2 Dave Lack 12lb 8oz, 3 Chris Young 11lb 8oz

Lawn Farm

Last week's Golden Rod open match was won by Roger Abbott with 32lb 4oz of carp caught on a leger on the tip. George Tebb was second and Dennis Holliday third.

RESULT: 1 Roger Abbott Hartford Huntingdon 32lb 4oz, 2 George Tebb Long Melford 25lb 12oz, 3 Dennis Holliday Biggleswade 16lb 6oz

Brampton AS

This year's AGM and prize giving is to be held on Wednesday March 7 at Brampton Institute at 8pm. Admission by membership card only.

BRJ Angling Club

There is a meeting on Friday March 2 at 8pm at the club. Current and any prospective members are most welcome to discuss the season's fixtures.


The exciting final round of this year's winter series will be reported on next week.

Fishing Fixtures


Cromwell Lake - Close Season £500 qualifying series - Draw 12noon - Fish 1-5pm (two keepnets needed)

Grahams Pond - Open Match & King of the Pond Qualifier - Draw 8.30am - Fish 9am-2pm - Booking 01480 351034


Decoy Lakes - HAJAC sweepstake - Draw 9am - Booking Roy Whincup 01487 822333

Ramsey AS - Sweepstake - The Narrows - Draw 8am - Fish 9am-2pm


Lawn Farm - Golden Rod Match

Sunday March 11

Raveley Drain - open match - booking Roy Whincup 01487 822333

Wednesday March 14

Raveley Drain - end of season open match - booking Roy Whincup 01487 822333.