Steve Welford: I had a bream

Angling with Stan and Fizz


BROWNING Hotrods’ Steve Welford caught a good net of mainly bream to win Saturday’s match from peg 11.

Stan Binge finished second for the third consecutive match and Matt Roberts third with catching difficult in the cold gusty wind.

RESULT: 1. Steve Welford Browning Hotrods 30lb 3oz; 2. Stan Binge Fox Match Stanjay 15lb; 3. Matt Roberts Fox Match Stanjay 111lb 10oz; 4. Sean Fulcher Cambridge 11lb 6oz; 5. Brian Gibson Fox Match Stanjay 8lb 6oz.


RICKY Ashwell showed his usual skill at the venue as he caught 32lb 12oz to win Wednesday’s evening match.

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There were some good close back-up weights with Stan Binge finishing second, Paul Hendy third and Kevin Medlock fourth.

RESULT: 1. Ricky Ashwell Cromwell Lake 32lb 12oz; 2. Stan Binge Fox Match Stanjay 24lb; 3. Paul Hendy Fox Match Stanjay 21lb 11oz; 4. Kevin Medlock Fox Match Stanjay 18lb 9oz; 5. Keith Ellington Fox Match Stanjay 17lb 1oz.

An appeal to all anglers fishing at Cromwell Lake – please make sure that the gate at the end of the lane is locked at all times, in view of the shocking killing of a calf near to the lake last week.


SUNDAY’S match was fished on Jay Lake at Pidley in awful windy conditions with a win for John Price from Matt Roberts and Pete Holland.

RESULT: 1. John Price 91lb 12oz; 2. Matt Roberts 85lb; 3. Pete Holland 66lb.


CHRIS Young won last week’s Golden Rod match at Lawn Farm with 50lb 15oz from peg 23. Roger Dickerson was second and George Gibson third.

RESULT: 1. Chris Young St Neots 50lb 15oz; 2. Roger Dickerson Cambridge 37lb 8oz; 3. George Gibson Stevenage 36lb 14oz.


THE Thursday Open was not fished last week to rest the water ready for the special match with Bob Nudd on Saturday.

Reg Brown who had failed to catch in the previous matches with Bob was overjoyed to not only find fish but actually win the match with 6lb 2oz. Edd Blain was second, Steve Webb third and Bob, himself, fourth.

RESULT: 1. Reg Brown 6lb 2oz; 2. Edd Blain 5lb; 3. Steve Webb 3lb 5oz; 4. Bob Nudd 2lb 8oz.


SUNDAY’S match was between Somex and the Kings Arms with the two teams adopting different tactics. Somex decided to target the carp while Kings Arms fished for small fish.

The Kings Arms started well and although carp did begin to show later in the match Somex did not manage to catch up and Kings Arms go through to the semi-final.

Kings Arms 27lb 11oz Somex 14b 10oz.


Thursday Open Match

THE final Thursday Open match was fished last week and was won again by Pete Holland successful in all six of the matches he was able to fish.

It was, however, Kevin Peacock who put together an incredibly consistent series of results who won the series with 60 points to Pete’s 55.

RESULT: 1. Pete Holland Ramsey AS 135lb 9oz; 2. Kevin Peacock JVAC 85lb 13oz; 3. Pete Wray RAF Old Lags 67lb; 4. Roy Whincup Fox Match Stanjay 60lb 10oz; 5. Chris Saunders JVAC 51lb 2oz.

Series: 1. Kev Peacock 60pts; 2. Pete Holland Ramsey A. S 55pts; 3 Roy Whincup Fox Match Stanjay 43lb; 4. Graham Welton Raf Team Mosella 41; 5. Chris Saunders JVAC 39pts

ROY would like to thank Mr & Mrs German for the use of the lakes and hopes to run a Thursday winter series from October on the venue.

OAP Open – May 25

NIGEL Baxter on a rare visit to the Wednesday Open caught an excellent 132lb 2oz with the rest of the anglers all pretty close together. Jim Garratty was second and Keith West third.

RESULT: 1. Nigel Baxter 132lb 2oz; 2. Jim Garratty 56lb 8oz; 3. Keith West 44lb 6oz.


RESULTS – May 25: 1. Jim Barrowman Fox Lewis’s Anglers World 90lb; 2. Richard Bond Bury 77lb 8oz; 3. Danny Sparrow Vicount 74lb 4oz.

May 28: 1. Steve Norman Kev’s Tackle 95lb 2oz; 2. Steve Clarke Maver Image VDE 49lb 11oz; 3. Stuart Payne DAD 44lb 13oz.

May 29: 1. Tom Cole Ouse Valley Angling 96lb; 2. Steve Norman Kev’s Tackle 71lb; 3. Tony Kitchen Attleborough MG 54lb 2oz.



Cromwell Lake – Wednesday Evening Series – Match 3 – Draw 5.30pm – Fish 6-9.

Rookery Farm – OAP Open Match – Jay Lake – Draw 8.45am – Fish 10-4.


Grahams Pond – Open Match – Draw 8.30am – Fish 9.30-3.30 – Phone 01480 351034 or 07879000544.

Lawn Farm – Evening Open – Honeysuckle Lake – Draw 5.15 – Fish 6-9pm – Details 01954 718269 or 07774943050.


Cromwell Lake – Saturday Series – Match Twelve – Draw 12noon – Fish 1-6.

Cross Drove – Cross Drove – Qualifier – Draw 8.45am – Fish 10-4.


Grahams Pond – Plumb-It Challenge – Kings Arms B v Spitfires.

Cross Drove – Qualifier – Draw 8.45am – Fish 10-4.

Ramsey AS – For information phone Keith Rayment 01487 814077.


Lawn Farm – Golden Rod – Honeysuckle Lake – Draw 9am – Fish 10-3 – 01954 718269.


Cromwell Lake – Wednesday Evening Series – Match 4 – Draw 5.30pm – Fish 6-9.

Rookery Farm – OAP Open Match – Jay Lake – Draw 8.45am – Fish 10-4.

Cross Drove – Qualifier – Draw 8.45am – Fish 10-4.


Grahams Pond – Open Match – Draw 8.30am – Fish 9.30-3.30 – Phone 01480 351034.