Stanjay side put in Super effort to lift team trophy

HAJAC Teams of Four – St Ives This annual match fished really well for most anglers on a fantastic September day. Again the best weights came from A section with six of the twelve anglers weighing in more than 9lb almost entirely of roach. The match was

HAJAC Teams of Four - St Ives

This annual match fished really well for most anglers on a fantastic September day.

Again the best weights came from A section with six of the twelve anglers weighing in more than 9lb almost entirely of roach.

The match was won by Kevin Peacock fishing for Brampton from peg 2. Although Peterborough's John Means in second place was in B section, all the other top individual weights were from A section.

That said, C section, won by another Brampton angler Kevin Medlock with 10lb 14oz, saw a lowest weight of almost five pounds with every fish counting for points.

The team event was incredibly close, with the top five teams just one point apart. The narrow winners were Stanjay Supercup, Roy Whincup, Duncan Ray, Tony McGregor and winner of last week's practice match Mick Kelly with 16 points.

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Wades match group were second, then two Peterborough teams in third and fourth. Brampton were unlucky with two section winners but just out of the frame and one of the happiest anglers on the day must have been Benwick's Terry Fairbrother, drawn in the same section as two of his ex-Benwick clubmates Jon Hazelden and Josh Pace, now fishing for Stanjay and finishing ahead of both!

RESULT (Individual): 1 Kevin Peacock Brampton 17lb 8oz, 2 John Means Peterborough Blue 13lb 11.5oz, 3 Pete Jayes Peterborough White 11lb 14oz, 4 Tony McGregor VDE Stanjay Supercup 11lb 9oz, 5 Kevin Medlock Brampton 10lb 14oz, 6 Tony Hayden VDE Stanjay Turbo 10lb 2oz

Teams: 1 VDE Stanjay Supercup 16pts, 2 Wades 17pts, 3 Peterborough 18pts, 4 Peterborough White 19pts, 5 Brampton 20pts

Cromwell Lake

With venue experts Steve and Ricky Ashwell away on holiday there have been some different winners and the golden peg £50 fund has been won twice in the last week.

Last Wednesday's match was a father and son affair with John Pratt the winner of a close contest with 14lb 6oz. His son Charlie was second and Keith Ellington third.

RESULT: 1 John Pratt Gt Paxton 14lb 6oz, 2 Charlie Pratt St Neots 11lb 8oz, 3 Keith Ellington 10lb 2oz, 4 Stan Binge VDE Stanjay MG 9lb 10oz

There were thirteen anglers at Saturday's match with close competition between first and second and then between third and fourth. There were also four anglers within a few ounces for the small fish prize.

Match winner from a golden peg was Keith Ellington who is improving very fast and weighed in 38lb 12oz. Vince Hull was a close second with 36lb 6oz and Stan Dow finished just ahead of Dave Silsby for third.

Charlie Pratt with 5lb 11oz was last to weigh and took the small fish prize.

RESULT: 1 Keith Ellington 38lb 12oz, 2 Vince Hull 36lb 6oz, 3 Stan Dow 19lb 13oz, 4 Dave Silsby Brampton 17lb 14oz.

Small Fish Net: Charlie Pratt 5lb 11oz

Ramsey AS

This week's match was the H Shaw teams of three fished on the Narrows. Paul Kilby was the individual winner with two tench in his 10lb 14oz followed by his brother Andrew with 9lb 4oz which included two bream and Pete Kirlew was third.

The winning team, however did not include the two Kilby brothers with Kirlew, Ivan Steels and Andrew Rayment beating them by just one point.

St Neots AC

The match at Wilden Reservoir on Saturday was won by Mark Rayner with 22lb 8oz. Chris Young was second and Jean-Paul Thomas third.

RESULT: 1 Mark Rayner 22lb 8oz, 2 Chris Young 13lb 10oz, 3 Jean Paul Thomas 11lb, 4 N Smith 6lb 9oz

BRJ Angling Club -Rookery Farm

Haden Smith was the winner of the BRJ match on Magpie Lake on Sunday with 56lb 12oz of fish caught mainly on corn in the margins. Pete Huddlestone was second with 45lb 7oz and Terry Moat third.

RESULT: 1 Haden Smith 56lb 12oz, 2 Pete Huddlestone 45lb 7oz, 3 Terry Moat 40lb 10oz, 4 Darren Smith 26lb 7oz

Grahams Pond

Ricky Ashwell fishing on peg 11 won Sunday's 'Winner Takes All' match with two small carp a tench and bits for 11lb 8oz. Chris Coles was second and John Hurley third. John extended his lead in the King of the Pond series with Pete Coles second at present.

RESULT: 1 Ricky Ashwell 11lb 8oz, 2 Chris Coles 5lb 4oz, 3 John Hurley 4lb 12oz

Lawn Farm

Sixteen anglers fished last week's match on Honeysuckle Lake with Tony Green winning from peg 35 with 10lb 2oz. Chris Young was second and Mick Bolton third.

RESULT: 1 Tony Green Royston 10lb 2oz, 2 Chris Young St Neots 7lb 11oz, 3 Mick Bolton Melbourn 7lb

Huntingdon AS

A few weeks ago, the fact that day tickets were no longer available to fish on the riverside section of the Great Ouse in Huntingdon was brought to our attention. The only option seemed to be joining the club.

The problem turned out to be a matter of small print with the club's liability insurers and prompt action by the chairman and secretary sorted out the situation. It is again possible to buy a day ticket as has been the custom over many years although at only £12 for the season, membership is still excellent value.