Stanjay edge it in the final round

HAJAC Winter Series THE final round of this year s winter series was fished last weekend on Cock Bank, Ramsey Narrows, Whittlesey Dike and the Carrot Washes on Glassmoor. The top two teams, VDE Stanjay Special and Browning Hotrods, were level going into

HAJAC Winter Series

THE final round of this year's winter series was fished last weekend on Cock Bank, Ramsey Narrows, Whittlesey Dike and the Carrot Washes on Glassmoor.

The top two teams, VDE Stanjay Special and Browning Hotrods, were level going into the match, but it was Stanjay who emerged the winners with an equal second place finish. The day's winning team was March AC, just one point ahead of VDE Stanjay Specials, VDE Stanjay Supermatch and Brampton all in equal second with Browning Hotrods only sixth.

Almost all the anglers caught well with every section won with weights of at least 10 pounds.

The individual winner was Dusty Kiddell, fishing for Brampton fron the Narrows with 25lb 7oz. Stanjay's Tony McGregor was second with 19lb from the Carrot Washes while Peterborough's Nick Edwards was third from Cock Bank. Special mention must be made of Browning Hotrods' Andy Leathers, top individual over the four matches with four section wins. He was also the individual winner of two matches and fourth and fifth in the other two. The series has again been most enjoyable with almost all of the anglers on fish for all matches and thanks are due to Roy Whincup and Duncan Ray for their efficient work.

RESULT (Individual): 1 Dusty Kiddell, Brampton 25lb 7oz, 2 Tony McGregor, VDE Stanjay Supermatch 19lb, 3 Nick Edwards, MAP Peterborough 16lb 15oz, 4 Andy Leathers, Browning Hotrods 15lb 13oz, 5 Bob Fitzjohn , March 15lb 8oz.

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Teams on Day: 1 March AC 27pts, 2= Brampton AS VDE Stanjay Special/VDE Stanjay Supermatch 28pts, 5 Wades MG 31pts, 6= Browning Hotrods/Peterborough 34pts

Final League: 1 VDE Stanjay Specials 9pts, 2 Browning Hotrods 13pts, 3= Wades/VDE Stanjay Supermatch 16pts 5 March AC 18pts, 6 Peterborough 24pts, 7 Brampton AS 25pts

Cromwell Lake Saturday Series

THE first match of this year's close season series was fished on Saturday with, considering the high water levels at the moment, a very good field of 16 anglers. Graham Gooddraw's winning weight from peg 26 of 26lb 6oz was excellent, with Keith Ellington second with 10lb 7oz.

The amount of rain during the week made catching generally tricky but provided close competition for the places, with Jason Roslyn finishing third, courtesy of a bonus tench.

All 16 anglers caught fish and have points on the board. There will be 18 qualifying rounds altogether, with the final taking place on Saturday, July 7. The 18 qualifiers will be those with the best points from the series.

RESULT: 1 Graham Gooddraw Yorkshire Baits 26lb 6oz, 2 Keith Ellington Huntingdon 10lb 7oz, 3 Jason Roslyn Huntingdon 5lb 2oz, 4 Terry Allgood Cromwell Lake 3lb 10oz, 5 Ricky Ashwell GOT Baits 3lb, Best Small Fish Net - Terry Allgood 3lb 10oz

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IN wet and windy conditions on Cedar Lake at Decoy, it was frustrating for the anglers, with the fish willing to feed, but presentation of the bait proving almost impossible. Most resorted to fishing the feeder for much of the match. The winner was Brampton's Chris Saunders from the furthest end peg with 38lb 8oz while organiser Stanjay's Roy Whincup, pegged at the other end, was second ahead of a trio of teammates, Duncan Ray, Ricky Young and Ian Benton.

RESULT: 1 Chris Saunders Brampton 38lb 8oz, 2 Roy Whincup VDE Stanjay MG 29lb, 3 Duncan Ray VDE Stanjay MG 26lb, 4 Ricky Young VDE Stanjay MG 25lb 8oz, 5 Ian Benton VDE Stanjay MG 23lb

Ramsey St Mary's

RAMSEY St Mary's fished well on Sunday morning, and is one of the local venues not affected by a lot of rain. The match was won by Andrew Kilby with three tench and small fish totalling 18lb 8oz. Keith Rayment was second with 11lb and Malcolm Sansome third.

RESULT: 1 Andrew Kilby 18lb 8oz, 2 Keith Rayment 11lb, 3 Malcolm Sansome 8lb 8oz, 4 Duncan Folkes 5lb 8oz.

Match secretary Keith Rayment was called out to weigh a magnificent pike on Friday at Exhibition Bridge. The fish weighed in at 24lb 1oz, but had been out of the water for far too long. Keen pike angler Keith spent over an hour holding the fish upright and eventually it swam away to hopefully be caught at an even better weight some time in the future.

Grahams Pond

SATURDAY'S match proved a disappointment after torrential rain during the week and overnight. The winner of last year's King of the Pond competition, John Hurley, made a good start, winning the match with 6lb 6oz. Steve Webb was second and Graham Marsh came in third.

RESULT: 1 John Hurley 6lb 6oz, 2 Steve Webb 1lb 4oz, 3 Graham Marsh 5oz

Lawn Farm

THERE were 17 anglers at last week's Golden Rod match on Willow Lake which was won by Charlie Potter with 45lb 1oz. John King was second and Roger Dickerson third.

RESULT: 1 Charlie Potter Little Paxton 45lb 1oz, 2 John King Royston 26lb 9oz, 3 Roger Dickerson Cambridge 24lb 7oz

Lawn Farm is running an open Teams of Four series starting on Sunday, March 18, and is fishing every other Sunday through the close season. There are still a couple of places available for teams. If interested, call John Logan on 07774 943050

Pike Record

EIGHTEEN-year-old Carl Moody from Huntingdon braved a wet and miserable Saturday morning to fish for pike on Godmanchester Recreation ground. He was rewarded with a new club record fish weighed and witnessed by Stan at 18lb 6oz. The fish, caught near the locks, took a joey mackeral dead bait.

Fishing Fixtures


Cromwell Lake - Close Season £500 qualifying series - Draw noon - Fish 1-5pm (two keepnets needed)

Grahams Pond - Open Match & King of the Pond Qualifier - Draw 8.30am - Fish 9am-2pm. Booking 01480 351034


Raveley Drain - Open Match - booking Roy Whincup 01487 822333

Ramsey AS - Open Match - Ramsey St Mary's - Draw 8.15am - Fish 10am-3pm


Lawn Farm - Golden Rod Match


Raveley Drain - end of season open match - booking Roy Whincup 01487 822333

Ramsey AC - ACA Pike Qualifier Benwick