Horrible deja vu for Gill as St Neots Town find another way to miss victory

Joe Rider made his first start in months for St Neots Town as they lost to Welwyn Garden City.

Joe Rider made his first start in months for St Neots Town as they lost to Welwyn Garden City. - Credit: KARYN HADDON

The official Groundhog Day will take place on February 2 this year as usual in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania but according to Pete Gill, the St Neots Town version is happening every Saturday afternoon.

The 2-0 loss at home to Welwyn Garden City took their unwanted bad run to one win in 13 but yet again, there were plenty of times which would have brought hope to the suffering Saints manager.

"I feel like I’m watching the same game every week if I’m honest," he said. 

"Our goalkeeper has made one save in the whole game and their goalkeeper is man of the match. 

"If you wanted to describe the match in a sentence, that would be it. 

"We have to stop making mistakes. 

"It’s a really difficult period. We’re creating chances but I feel like we need seven or eight chances to score one and the opposition just need one. 

"In this run we’ve been on, there has only been one game where we have not had more shots than the opposition. 

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"And yet it is one win in 13." 

It means it is back to the training paddock with all eyes on their next game, away to fifth-placed Ware on Saturday.

But the boss says even there, not a lot needs to change.

He said: "It’s hard because there are times when we don’t know what else to do at training because believe it or not, we do finishing every week and guess what, the lads are excellent and every single one flies in. 

"Our processes and the way we play the game by dominating and creating chances, it is genuinely excellent. 

"Even the way we defend. We have our moments but when you hold teams to three shots on target in the whole game, that is impressive. 

"So we don’t need to do much on defending, we practice shooting and we score our middle is alright. 

"The only way to get out of this is to work through it and I hate using the word but we need a bit of luck. 

"It is just the way it is going at the minute."

And Gill is convinced that the long-term future for both himself and the club will be positive, thanks to the mental toughness required to turn their fortunes around.

He said: "It’s been the most difficult part of my coaching journey so far. 

"Obviously it is my first senior management job but it is the first time I’ve been on a run like this in my six or seven years in the game. 

"I am learning loads and it’s a rude awakening into management but I will be better for it next season, the players will be better for it and the club will be better for it. 

"You always learn more in tough times and if it was always a work in the park, you wouldn’t be hardened for when it comes. 

"We just have to get through it."