New St Neots Town boss Peter Gill wants 'evolution not revolution' this year

New St Neots Town manager Peter Gill got his first competitive wins in his new role over the bank holiday weekend.

New St Neots Town manager Peter Gill got his first competitive wins in his new role over the bank holiday weekend. - Credit: DAVID R W RICHARDSON/RICH IN VIDEO

He admits himself it is a cheesy phrase but new St Neots Town boss Peter Gill says it is all about "evolution not revolution" after taking over from Barry Corr. 

The new boss picked up his first competitive wins for Saints with a 4-0 success at home to Kidlington on Saturday, Joe Rider getting two with one each for Myles Cowling and Neo RIchard-Noel, while the former hit all three in the 3-0 victory at Kempston Rovers two days later.

Both Gill and his predecessor are involved with Cambridge United, Corr moving to the Abbey Stadium to take up a first-team coaching role while Gill is head of coaching at the club's academy, and having easy access to first-hand knowledge of the club and the style of football they played has proven invaluable to the new boss. 

Gill said: "Barry obviously gave me the lowdown on the players. We speak most days and he always asks how people are. He’s still invested in [the club] but it was a brilliant insight to have.  

"He told me what a great place it is. The ground is amazing, the people are amazing and we have such a hard-working staff.  

"I can’t speak highly enough of the club. It is one that probably shouldn’t be at the level it is in terms of the things behind the scenes but we have to get on the pitch right.  

"One of the things I said at the start is that we are very keen to evolve from what Barry did and not rip it up and start again.  

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"I used the cheesy phrase of evolution, not revolution.  

"We’re trying to keep that attacking, possession-based style and play the right way." 

For Gill this season will be judged on whether there is an improvement, something the bank holiday successes have started to hint at.

He said: "You have to keep improving year on year and I know last season was finished very early, but if we improve on that we will be in a good position. 

"We have a very young team, there are only a couple over the age of 21.  

"People will talk about those connected with Cambridge United but there are other players in there who should be playing higher up the pyramid.  

"Across the team we have players who want to play higher and are desperate to get up the ladder."