St Neots youngsters making sure they are ready for rugby's return

General view of St Neots Rugby Club

Youngsters at St Neots Rugby Club have been finding ways to keep active and together, at least virtually, during the lockdown. - Credit: HELEN DRAKE

The sporting world may be in lockdown but that hasn't stopped the U14 team at St Neots Rugby Club finding ways to keep themselves fit and healthy.

They are still hopeful of some sort of resumption to their season and with that in mind, they have been pouring themselves into their training as a commitment to themselves, their coaches, and their fellow teammates.

Over the course of three weeks in January the squad of 21 ran a combined distanced of 213.4km and with weekly remote workouts helping to push the boys to improve and become stronger, they are ready to kick on with their season once lockdown has been lifted.

The online workouts also provide the squad with an opportunity to see and speak to each other, keeping the team spirit up and further aiding their mental health as well as their physical condition.

Rugby union bosses had hoped to bring some form of contact rugby back in January but that has been shelved for the time being.