St Ives & Warboys look to long-term future after lockdown

A view of St Ives & Warboys Cricket Club

A view of St Ives & Warboys Cricket Club - Credit: Archant

St Ives & Warboys Cricket Club have used the current lack of cricket due to the coronavirus pandemic to review their operations.

A view of St Ives & Warboys Cricket Club

A view of St Ives & Warboys Cricket Club - Credit: Archant

How clubs react to being in lockdown for most, if not all, of the 2020 season could determine their long-term futures and St Ives & Warboys wants to prepare itself in the best way it can.

The club has looked at controlling what it can control and mitigate the risks of factors it cannot, holding monthly committee meetings and providing regular updates to members.

While unable to talk about on-field activities, the club committee has been able to focus on off-fieldmatters and how best to progress.

These have included an application to apply for Community Amateur Club Status (CASC), a review and updating of information on its club management system, reviewing the adequacy of its existing club management systems and comparison against alternatives and implementation of new club accounting processes and separation of duties for its finances.

A view of St Ives & Warboys Cricket Club

A view of St Ives & Warboys Cricket Club - Credit: Archant

The club is also looking at evolving its junior cricket offering to enable more cricket over the autumn and winter to make up for lost time this summer, improving nets and tidying of grounds, updating the club’s development plan and producing sponsored and overseas player agreements.

St Ives & Warboys have also introduced a committee responsibility policy and updated club governance policies, introduced an annual coaching plan for senior players and individual player development plans and introduced a coaching framework to further strengthen coaching provision, including the increased use of modern coaching techniques.

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A review of committee meetings and paperwork has been undertaken to improve effectiveness and ensure all is aligned to the club development plan, while available funding opportunities and required future facility upgrades have also been looked at.

A scheme for the donation of old kit which can be used for training sessions and general use has also been worked on, as well as general planning for the return of cricket and how this can marketed as well as reviewing charging structures and potential subsidies to encourage participation

Club chairman Martin Croucher said: “Our aim is to not just survive the current period but build the club in such a way so that it can prosper when cricket finally returns.

“Many of the actions we are taking will benefit the long term future of the club and we hope attract both existing and new members back into cricket.

“It is going to be tough for all cricket clubs and taking action now, could really make all the difference in a club’s long-term future.”