Fish still biting as the temperatures stay warm and mild

Man with fish as dog looks on

Phil Lee shows off his 18lb Common Carp to dog Rocco. - Credit: ST IVES TACKLE SHOP

The mild temperatures in the run-up to the festive period have continued to tempt plenty of anglers on to the banks with many of them enjoying good catches.

That has been especially true of Carp fishing and Phil Lee enjoyed a good overnight session on a lake in Earith, landing a lovely Common Carp of just over 18lb.

Legering a combination of Manilla and Tiger Nuts on a KD hair rig working perfectly.

Simon Irvine meanwhile has stuck with his short sessions in the Fens where he has caught a good mixture of Perch, Jack Pike and even a few Chub on various lure angling tactics.

Neil Owczarkowski has also managed a few good Pike to low doubles by fishing short sessions with dead baits on the River Ouse at Offord.

Owner of the St Ives Tackle Shop, Mickey Bartlett, continues to catch a few decent Pike up to 15lb on the Fenland drains with his usual float-fished dead baits working well, whilst moving swims regularly to cover as much water as possible.

The extra rainwater and very coloured water has made Pike fishing more difficult but they can still be caught if you persevere.

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The tackle shop in St. Ives is now open to the public and have a fresh stock of maggots, worms, casters and frozen dead baits for Pike.

If you would like any more info on the fishing available in the area, call 01480 468196 or go to