Thoroughbred performances from St Ives swimmers at Newmarket

The youngsters of St Ives Swimming Club produced some superb performances at Newmarket.

The youngsters of St Ives Swimming Club produced some superb performances at Newmarket. - Credit: ST IVES SWIMMING

St Ives Swimming Club produced some excellent individual performances as they took part in a gala at Newmarket.

A host of the club's talented youngsters swimmers made the journey with many of them winning medals and setting personal best times.

In total the club had 46 visits to the podium, 14 of them to receive golds.

Ollie Dickson picked up four of them, as well as five silvers, as did Tate Taylor.

Tom Davis managed two while the other winners on the day were Joshua Marshall, Anna Freeman, Tessa Quayle and Flo Taylor.

Marshall and Freeman also landed two silvers, the latter picking up three bronzes as well, while Quayle ended up with a full set, one of each colour, and Flo Taylor a bronze.

Other multiple medal winners were Oliver Rana-Beadle (two silvers), Hannah Pye (two silvers, two bronze) and George Jennings (three bronze).

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Edie Lewis got one silver while single bronzes went to Leah Basford, Tom McNeill, Edward Jennings, Emily Quayle Keira Mavin and Thomas Jennings.

Meanwhile county qualifying times were achieved by Isabel Sharp, Isabel Martin, Belle Taylor, Marli Taylor, Elliot Megginson, Olivia Burgess, Harvey Woods, Libby Woods, Josh Bigwood, William Roberts, Matthew Lynch, Lydia Boag-Kwong, Darcy Stimson, Felix Butterworth, Alfie Everett, William Clark, Lois Cannon, Beatrice Dare, Lauren Bailey, Poppy Warren, Archie Warriner, Iris Warriner, Millie Taylor and Elliot Dickson.

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