St Ives’ Desborough looks for podium finish

LEE Desborough in his first season in the Veteran’s East Cyclocross event is already looking towards an end of season podium finish following some stunning rides.

LEE Desborough looks to be heading towards an �end-of-season podium finish following some stunning rides in his first season in the Veteran’s East Cyclocross competition.

Riders need to take part in at least eight events �during the season and the St Ives Cycling Club member has been nothing but consistent in his starts. He took the chequered flag at Welwyn, left, had second places at Davy Down and Hempton, bagged fourth place at �Ashwell and was sixth at Mistly.

St Ives senior rider Steve Halsall is doing some great racing among the big boys and elite riders. He is �seventh in the Senior and Elite East Cyclocross competition.�

However, he is expected to improve his overall �standing if he competes in all eight events.

Halsall, who collects a top 10 finish in most races, took fifth at the Ashwell event and said: “It’s tough with the big boys but I love every minute.”

In the Elite Veterans category, Phil Peacock, has shown good form competing against the elite riders to finish in the top 10 every week. Currently lying fourth he will need to put in a real effort to find the podium as the competition is tough.

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Other St Ives riders, Stuart Hocknell, Mike Hoy and John Batchelor are enjoying a good season and hoping to secure the St Ives club some podium places.