Sprinting stars shine in Southern League opener

Chloe Wilson (left) and Charlie Batterbee (right) won the discus events for Hunts AC in their Southe

Chloe Wilson (left) and Charlie Batterbee (right) won the discus events for Hunts AC in their Southern League fixture at King's Lynn. - Credit: Archant

Hunts AC claimed a clean sweep of sprint successes in their first Southern League fixture of the season at King’s Lynn on Saturday.

Owen King and Llewelyn Thomas took the honours in the ‘A’ and ‘B’ strings of the 100m respectively while King also took victory in the 200m ‘B’ race with Owain Collard coming home in front in the ‘A’ event.

Collard also ruled supreme in the 400m ‘A’ bracket with a personal best performance while newcomer Liam Hunt was an easy 100m hurdles winner.

King, Collard, Thomas and Hunt then teamed up for 4-100m relay glory and Siobhan Skinner led from start to finish in the women’s 800m ‘A’ race while there was plenty more success in the field.

Hunts AC won all four divisions of the hammer.

Club coach Neil Bulman and Bob Ellingham did the business in the two men’s categories while two of Bulman’s charges starred in the female events as 16 year-olds Charlie Batterbee and Chloe Wilson were victorious.

Batterbee had further success in the ‘A’ string discus while Tracy Burton took the ‘B’ streing shot putt spoils.

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Another 16 year-old, Diana Pereira, enjoyed a brace of wins in the ‘A’ string pole vault and the ‘B’ string high jump.



100m A (1) Owen King 11.7, B (1) Llewelyn Thomas 12.0; 200m A (1) Owain Collard 22.9, B (1) Owen King 23.4; 400m A (1) Owain Collard 51.2; 1500m A (3) Joey Croft 4:26.5; 5000m (3) Lee Brookes 17:28.1; 110m hurdles A (1) Liam Hunt 16.7; 400m hurdles A (3) Liam Hunt 66.7; 2000m SC A (5) AJ Ellwood 8:18.1; 4x100 relay (1) Liam Hunt, Llewelyn Thomas, Owain King, Owen King 45.5; 4x400 (4) Richard Phelan, AJ Ellwood, Owain Collard, Owen King 3:57.3; High Jump A (5) Richard Phelan 1.45m; Pole Vault A (2) Richard Phelan 3.00m, B (2) Wayne DuBose 2.40m; Long Jump A (2) Liam Hunt 5.30m; Triple Jump A (5) Richard Phelan 10.07;m Shot Putt A (3) Wayne DuBose 9.24m, B (2) Bob Ellingham 8.52m; Discus A (3) Bob Ellingham 28.45m, B (2) Wayne DuBose 23.48m; Hammer A (1) Neil Bulman 38.22m, B (1) Bob Ellingham 38.06m; Javelin A (5) Bob Ellingham 24.73m, B (5) Derek Darnell 12.21m.


100m A (4) Jada Griffin-Howard 14.1, B (5) Sandra Acton 29.7; 200 A (5) Jada Griffin-Howard 28.5, B (2) Aleta Fraylich 28.9; 400 A (3) Siobhan Skinner 64.7, B (2) Aleta Fraylich 67.6; 800 A (1) Siobhan Skinner 2:25.0; 1500m (3) Amelia Darnell 5:38.5, B (2) Chloe Wilson 6:10.8; 4x100 (3) Diana Pereira, Jada Griffin-Howard, Charlie Batterbee, Siobhan Skinner; 4x400 (3) Chloe Wilson, Jada Griffin-Howard, Amelia Darnell, Siobhan Skinner 4:54.8; High Jump A (2) Aleta Fraylich 1.30m, B (1) Diana Pereira 1.30m; Pole Vault A (1) Diana Pereira 2.30m; Long Jump A (4) Sandra Acton 1.33m; Triple Jump A (4) Diana Pereira 8.55m; Shot Putt A (2) Charlie Batterbee 8.16m, B (1) Tracy Burton 6.41m; Discus A (1) Charlie Batterbee 22.08m, B (2) Tracy Burton 16.65m; Hammer A (1) Charlie Batterbee 30.12m, B (1) Chloe Wilson 16.01m; Javelin A (3) Diana Pereira 16.41m, B (3) Tracy Burton 9.27m.