Silsby wins Little and Large

Cromwell Lake SERIES leader Dave Silsby captured enough points to win this year s Little and Large event, ahead of Keith Ellington and Terry Allgood. The final match day saw Steve and Ricky Ashwell take the top two positions but Silsby collected enough in

Cromwell Lake

SERIES leader Dave Silsby captured enough points to win this year's Little and Large event, ahead of Keith Ellington and Terry Allgood.

The final match day saw Steve and Ricky Ashwell take the top two positions but Silsby collected enough in his two nets to clinch the title.

RESULT: (Series) 1 Dave Silsby Brampton 112pts, 2 Keith Ellington 108pts, 3 Terry Allgood 106pts, 4 Stan Binge 102pts, 5 Ricky Ashwell 100pts, 6 Steve Ashwell 98pts.

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Match day: 1 Steve Ashwell GOT Baits 29lb 9oz, 2 Ricky Ashwell GOT Baits 27lb 4oz, 3 Graham Gooddraw 26lb 4oz.

SWEEPSTAKE RESULT: 1 Ricky Ashwell 22lb, 2 Steve Ashwell 20lb 12oz, 3 Dave Silsby 18lb 8oz.

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Nene Summer League

THE third match of this year's summer series was fished at Orton and Milton on Sunday. Although the river looked good, the fishing was patchy and many anglers were troubled by pike preventing the fish from settling to feed.

Individually the result was very close, with two of the best hemp anglers around - Bourne's Malcolm Payne and Peterborough's Pete Jayes both weighing more than 14lbs. Van Den Eynde's Wayne Swinscoe was just behind the leading pair.

Mark One B took the team honours, with Peterborough Blue and Van Den Eynde in equal second.

Our Stanjay Aggressor team, who had been clear in second place, could only manage equal 11th on the day and have now dropped to third overall behind Van Den Eynde and Mark One B.

RESULT (Individual): 1 Malcolm Payne Bourne Green 14lb 12oz, 2 Pete Jayes Peterborough Red 14lb 8oz, 3 Wayne Swinscoe Van Den Eynde 14lb 1.5oz.

Teams: 1 Mark One B 26pts, 2= Peterborough Blue/Van Den Eynde 27pts, 4 Peterborough Red 31pts, 5 Bourne Green 33pts, 6= Mark One A, Browning Stanjay Red/Wades Black 37pts.

St Neots AS

Collins Pairs - Lawn Farm August 26

RESULT: 1 Bob Gill/John Logan 69lb 4oz, 2 Chris Young/Ro Fryer 46lbs, 3 Mark Dickerson/Neil Thompson 36lb 4oz.

Individual: 1 Chris Young 40lb, 2 Bob Gill 37lb 8oz, 3 John Logan 31lb 12oz, 4 Mark Dickerson 30lb 8oz.

Wayne Young Memorial - September 2

RESULT: 1 Mark Dickerson 11lb 1oz, 2 K Cullip 11lb, 3 D McLennon 10lb 9oz, 4 Steve Denton 9lb 15oz.

Chris Young and his wife would like to thank all those who supported the match.

Benwick AC

JOSH Pace won Sunday's match at Chapel Farm in a close finish with Tony Ingram and Terry Moat.

RESULT: 1 Josh Pace 21lb 12oz, 2 Tony Ingram 21lb 3oz, 3 Terry Moat 20lb.

Ramsey AS

THERE was a very close finish to Sunday's match at Staffurths Bridge, with Paul Kilby just ahead of Roger Gowler. George Coles in third was unlucky as he had drawn the £100 golden peg.

RESULT: 1 Paul Kilby 8lb 14.5oz, 2 Roger Gowler 8lb 4oz, 3 George Coles 7lb 2.5oz.

St Ives AS

SUNDAY'S match was won by Colin Leach, from Tony McGregor and Chris Geeson, all with small fish weights.

RESULT: 1 Colin Leach 12lb 2oz, 2 Tony McGregor 11lb 15oz, 3 Chris Geeson 10lb 6oz.

Grahams Pond

August 25 result: 1 Greg Marsh 2lb 4oz, 2 Steve Webb 2lb.

September 1 result: 1 Tony Watling 9lb 12oz, 2 Pat Magilop 5lb, 3 Greg Marsh 4lb 2oz

Head Fen Final Match

THE lake fished better on day two - and those who took the top places then dominated the final positions.

Stanjay's Paul Hendy was the winner on day one with 65lb 14oz from peg five, but it was team mate Rob Lincoln who caught 151lb 2oz on Sunday to claim the overall win with a total of 199lb 2oz.

A second placed finish on both days guaranteed Cheryl Horton second position. Lee Thornton, Brad Kendall, just 16, and Steve Jackson, took the other places following good second day weights.

RESULT: (overall) 1 Rob Lincoln Browning Stanjay 199lb 2oz, 2 Cheryl Horton Benwick Sports 156lb 6oz, 3 Lee Thornton Fox Match GOT Baits 114lb 12oz, 4 Brad Kendall Browning Stanjay 109lb 6oz, 5 Steve Jackson Head Fen Lakes 108lb 12oz.



OAP Match - Rookery Farm


Cromwell Lake - Sweepstake - Draw 12noon - Fish 1-6pm (two keepnets needed)

Grahams Pond - Open Match - Draw 8.30am - Fish 9am-2pm Booking 01480 351034

St Neots AS - Fryer/Baker - Pocket Park - Draw 9am - Fish 10am-3pm - Meet Pocket Park


Nene Summer League - Round 4 - Orton - Draw Cherry Tree - 8.15am

Grahams Pond - King of the Pond Round 2 - Draw 8.30am - Fish 9am-2pm

Ramsey AS - H shaw Teams of Three - Narrows - Draw 7.30am - Fish 8.30am-1.30pm

Benwick AC - Burtons Bank - Draw 7am - Fish 8am-1pm.

St Ives AS - Open practice match for HAJAC teams of Four - Draw (at A section gate) 8am - Fish 10am-3pm - Booking at Stanjay Sports - 01480 453303.


Lawn Farm - Golden Rod Match - Draw 9am - Fish 10am-3pm.


HAJAC Teams of Four - St Ives - Booking Roy Whincup 01487 822333.

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