Seven up for Gibson after big 45lb haul

Angling with Stan and Fizz


BRIAN Gibson won his second consecutive match in the Saturday series weighing in 45lb 6oz from peg seven.

Stan Binge, drawn in peg 12, was a very close second - only two and a half pounds behind - and Ian Benton, back after fishing in the Irish Festivals, was third.

Still leading the series is Binge, although the picture will change once anglers have to drop their poorer results.

RESULT: 1. Brian Gibson Fox Match Stanjay 45lb 6oz; 2. Stan Binge Fox Match Stanjay 42lb 14oz; 3. Ian Benton Fox Match Stanjay 16lb; 4. Tony Watling Fox Match Stanjay 14lb 3oz; 5. Steve Ashwell Cromwell Lake 11lb 2oz.


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THE first match in this year’s Wednesday series was fished last week.

Keith Ellington was the winner with 33lb from peg nine. Matt Roberts was second and Paul Hendy third.

RESULT: 1. Keith Ellington Cromwell Lake 33lb; 2. Matt Roberts Fox Match Stanjay 28lb 10oz 3. Paul Hendy Fox Match Stanjay 20lb; 4. Geordie Best Cromwell Lake 7lb 8oz.


SUNDAY’S Ramsey club match was fished on the day ticket lake at Decoy with Josh Pace winning from Jon Hazelden and Andrew Rayment.

RESULT: 1. Josh Pace 49lb 8oz; 2. Jon Hazelden 43lb; 3. Andrew Rayment 40lb 12oz.


FISHING was hard in Thursday’s open match with Ken Hannan winning from peg 11 with 6lb 8oz.

RESULT: 1. Ken Hannan 6lb 8oz; 2. Reg Brown 3lb 6oz; 3. Graham Marsh 3lb.


THE Fishy Fun team were last year’s winners under the name of Spitfires and made a good start to the defence of their title with their practice paying off as they won by a large margin.

RESULT: Fishy Fun 23lb 1oz - Wagon & Horses 5lb 14oz.


OAP Match Wednesday - There was a eventually a tie for first place after Vince Hull had his weight in one of his nets cut back to 50lb between Vince and John Smith. John Pratt was not far behind in third as Jay Lake fished well.

RESULT: 1. Vince Hull & John Smith 75lb 4oz, 3. John Pratt 69lb 13oz.


THE Thursday Open was fished on Magpie Lake and Pete Holland continued his 100 per cent record with his fifth match win of the five he has attended.

Kevin Peacock was second and with the final match of the series this week overall top place will be between the two.

RESULT: 1. Pete Holland Ramsey AS 92lb 7oz; 2. Kevin Peacock JVAC 82lb 7oz; 3. Mac Campbell RAF Wyton 75lb 14oz; 4. Pete Wray RAF Old Lags 68lb 5oz; 5. Dan Howes Rookery Waters 50lb 11oz.


RESULTS – May 18: 1. Simon Easey Fox Match Stanjay 78lb 12oz; 2. John Chalk Cross Drove 60lb 7oz; 3. Stuart Bracey Dynamite Baits 57lb 11oz.

May 21: 1. Vince Cross Ixworth 86lb 10oz; 2. Neil Adcock Browning Hotrods 72lb 10oz; 3. Steve Clarke Maver Image VDE 51lb 11oz.

May 22: 1. Tom Cole Ouse Valley Angling 113lb 3oz; 2. Lewis Murawski Lewis’s Anglers World 91lb 9oz; 3. Martin Woods Emneth 91lb 8oz.


RESULT - Qualifier 26 – Snake Lake: 1. Ron Cuthbert Webbs Match 131lb 6oz; 2. Dave Priestley Shipshape Tackle 106lb 8oz; 3. Marcus Bailey Headfen 72lb 2oz; 4. Dave Rodwell Shipshape Tackle 71lb 8oz.


RESULT - Friday Evening Open: 1. Chris Rose (Greensands Fishery) 35-7-0 Peg 41; 2. Rob Heath (Chestnut Pool) 34-9-0 Peg 43; 3. Dave Henegan (Chestnut Pool) 31-6-0 Peg 32; 4. Andy Dilley (Chestnut Pool) 27-3-0 Peg 30.

RESULT - Sunday Open: 1. M. Amos (Sensas Angling Direct) 51-4-0 Peg 43; 2. P. Nash (Greensands Fishery) 33-11-0 Peg 38; 3. C. Rose (Greensands Fishery) 32-7-0 Peg 40. Section winners – Pegs 23-32: G. Page (GOT Baits) 28-6-0 Peg 31. Pegs 33-43: M. Dickerson (Browning V.D.E.) 32-2-0 Peg 39.



Cromwell Lake – Wednesday Evening Series – Match 2 – Draw 5:30pm – Fish 6.9.

Rookery Farm – OAP Open Match – Jay Lake – Draw 8:45am – Fish 10-4.


Grahams Pond – Open Match – Draw 8.30am – Fish 9.30-3.30 – Phone 01480 351034 or 07879000544.

Rookery Farm Pidley – Open Match – Jay Lake - Draw 9am – Fish 10-3. Details Roy Whincup 01487 822333.


Greensands - Friday Evening Open - 5.30pm Draw.


Cromwell Lake – Saturday Series – Match Eleven – Draw 12 noon – Fish 1-6.

Grahams Pond – Bob Nudd Special Event – Draw from 8:15am

Cross Drove – Cross Drove – Qualifier – Draw 8.45am – Fish 10-4.

Greensands - Saturday Open - 12noon Draw.


Grahams Pond – Plumb-It Challenge – Kings Arms A v Somex

Cross Drove – Qualifier – Draw 8.45am – Fish 10-4.

Ramsey AS – Pidley Jay Lake – Places available phone Keith Rayment 01487 814077.

Headfen Fishery – Teams of Four Round 3 – Draw 8:30 – Fish 10-4.

Greensands - Sunday Open - 8.30am Draw - To book for any of the matches or day tickets call Chris on 07969 553079.


Headfen Fishery – Qualifier 27 – Snake Lake – Draw 8.30 – Fish 10-4.


Lawn Farm – Golden Rod – Honeysuckle Lake – Draw 9am – Fish 10-3. 01954 718269


Cromwell Lake – Wednesday Evening Series – Match 3 – Draw 5.30pm – Fish 6-9.

Rookery Farm – OAP Open Match – Jay Lake – Draw 8:45am – Fish 10-4.

Cross Drove – Qualifier – Draw 8.45am – Fish 10-4.


Grahams Pond – Open Match – Draw 8.30am – Fish 9.30-3.30 – Phone 01480 351034.