Star St Ives Rowing Club duo Sam Hasted and Rory Crouch pulled off a weekend double.

The Junior 15 double sculls duo triumphed in their event at the Cambridge Small Boats Head last Saturday.

They competed the 2.6km course in a time of 11 mins, 28 secs, beating their rivals by almost 90 seconds.

Hasted and Crouch were again impressive the following day when recording another comfortable victory in the St Neots Head over the same distance.

Their time of nine mins, 35 secs was the fourth quickest managed by any crew in the event - quite a feat for two 15 year-olds.

Lauren Maddison is another frequent St Ives Rowing Club winner and she also excelled at St Neots.

The Women's Junior 17 single sculler triumphed by 38 seconds in a time of 12 mins, 52 secs, while Paul Ashmore collected another Masters E single sculls victory in 10 mins, 18 secs.

Hasted's sister Jess enjoyed a successful start to her career. She triumphed in her first-ever Women's Junior 14 B single sculls race in the Mini Head at St Neots. That race was over 1.2km.