Round-up: Hotrods snatch Winter League at the last

East Midlands Winter League BROWNING Hotrods won the East Midlands Winter League after edging out Fox Match Stanjay Black by just two points in the final round at Whittlesey Dyke and the Bower. The Whittlesey Dyke area fished well but on the other section

East Midlands Winter League

BROWNING Hotrods won the East Midlands Winter League after edging out Fox Match Stanjay Black by just two points in the final round at Whittlesey Dyke and the Bower.

The Whittlesey Dyke area fished well but on the other sections catching was difficult for most, and Hotrods' performance on the vital Bower area proved the difference.

However, Stanjay enjoyed some good results with section wins for Graham Welton and Stan Binge, and second places for Brian Gibson, Jon Whincup and Mark Pollard.

Hotrods eventually won the day by two points and will progress to a semi-final in March on the Stainforth and Keadby canal, while Stanjay head for Heronbrook Fishery.

Individually, the match was won by Van Den Eynde's Barry Wiggington with 14lb 10oz from Mark One Black's Mick Asker and Stanjay's Graham Welton, all from the disabled pegs on the dyke.

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The individual championship was won by Mark One White's Gavin Butler from Stanjay's Mark Pollard.

RESULT (Individual) 1. Barry Wiggington Van Den Eynde 14lb 10oz, 2. Mick Asker Sensas Mark One Black 13lb 12oz, 3. Graham Welton Fox Match Stanjay Black 13lb 5oz, =4 Gavin Butler Sensas Mark One White & Sean Stimpson Sensas Mark One Black 13lb 1oz, 6. Steve Welford Browning Hotrods 12lb 1oz

Teams on day : 1. Van Den Eynde 36, 2. Hotrods 37, 3. Fox Match Stanjay Black 39, 4. Sensas Mark One White 41, 5. Fox Match Stanjay Red 48, 6. Sensas Mark One Black & Peterborough 50, 8. Wades 62

Final League : 1. Browning Hotrods 14, 2. Fox Match Stanjay Black 15, 3. Van Den Eynde 18, 4. Sensas Mark One White 21, 5. Peterborough & District 29, 6. Wades MG 35, 7. Fox Match Stanjay Red 39, 8. Sensas Mark One Black 41

Ramsey AS

RAMSEY St Marys provided excellent fishing for the dozen anglers in Sunday's Christmas Open.

The match was won by Paul Kilby with 18lb 13oz from brother Andrew with 15lb 6 1/2oz ahead of many other good weights.

RESULT: Paul Kilby 18lb 13oz, 2. Andrew Kilby 15lb 6 1/2 oz, 3. Roger Gowler 14lb 6oz, 4. Paul Irons 14lb 5oz

St Ives AS

AFTER seeing good colour in the river during the week for the first time in months, it was decided to fish Sunday's match in Dolphin Meadow.

However the match was disappointing with winner Chris Geeson only weighing in 3lb.

RESULT: 1. Chris Geeson 3lb, 2. Paul Ashcroft 2lb 2oz, 3. Mick Andrews 1lb 14oz

Benwick AC

THE annual Christmas match was fished in the village on Sunday and was won by Terry Fairbrother with 7lb 5oz, which included one bream.

After the match the traditional prizes and mince pies were distributed to all involved.

RESULT: 1. Terry Fairbrother 7lb 5oz, 2. Dick Denson 4lb 13oz, 3. B Porter 4lb 2oz

Cromwell Lake

This weeks match again found conditions hard with winner Dave Bowman weighing in just 3lb 12oz ahead of Keith Ellington and Stan Binge.

RESULT: 1. Dave Bowman Cromwell lake 3lb 12oz, 2. Keith Ellington Cromwell lake 2lb 10oz, 3. Stan Binge Fox match Stanjay 1lb 9oz

RAF EAWL Fur & Feather

IN-FORM Raveley Drain was the venue for this match and winner Jon Bowland included one small tench in his 13lb from peg three.

RESULT: 1. Jon Bowland DSRA 13lb, 2. Ben Jackson RAF Team Mosella 10lb 13oz, 3. Kev Barton Met Police 10lb 11oz, 4. Pete Wray RAF Old Lags 9lb 11oz, 5. Graham Welton RAF Team Mosella 9lb 8 1/2 oz, 6. Ruy Whincup Fox Match Stanjay 9lb 6oz

Lawn Farm

CHRIS Young from St Neots had a fantastic day for the time of year on Honeysuckle Lake last week weighing in 56lb 7oz of carp caught on sweetcorn.

RESULT: 1. Chris Young St Neots 56lb 7oz, 2. Dave Elliott Cheshunt 41lb 2oz, 3. Dennis Holliday Biggleswade 31lb 15oz

Headfen Lakes

THE final round of the winter series was fished on Sunday and was won by series leaders Blue Boys who also took top spot on both lakes.

RESULT (Snake Lake): 1. Richard Bond Blue Boys 43lb 12oz, 2. Matt Ayers Nkt Glitter Band 39lb 10oz,

(Trev's Lake): 1. Steve Jackson Blue Boys 25lb 10oz, 2. Marcus Bailey Blue Boys 13lb 15oz

Teams on day: 1. Blue Boys 6pts, 2. Nky Glitter Band 12pts

League: 1. Blue Boys 7pts, 2. Westside Baggers 15pts

Cross Drove

Last Wednesday's match was won by Bob Nudd who netted one of the biggest carp from the venue. After playing it for a long time, Nudd weighed the carp in at 23lb 6oz.

RESULT: 1. Bob Nudd Fox Match Stanjay 44lb 9oz, 2. Rodney Finch Deben 42lb 11oz


1. Dave Pearce Snr Wisbech 43lb, 2. Vince Cross Ixworth 38lb 5oz


1. Gordon Pearce Banham 43lb 4oz, 2. Martin Sheldrake Thetford 42lb 4oz

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