Round-up: Hewison takes winter league warm-up win

East Midlands Winter League Open match THIS year s winter league starts on Sunday with a match on the river Nene at Peterborough. Sunday s practice match saw the river very clear although there were fish to be caught. The match winner was Mark One s Rob

East Midlands Winter League Open match

THIS year's winter league starts on Sunday with a match on the river Nene at Peterborough.

Sunday's practice match saw the river very clear although there were fish to be caught. The match winner was Mark One's Rob Hewison from Railworld with Wayne Swinscoe in second place downstream. Sunday's first round match looks likely to be hard but fair.

RESULT: 1. Rob Hewison Sensas Mark One 9lb 3 1/2 oz, 2. Wayne Swinscoe Van Den Eynde 9lb 01/2 oz, 3. Matt Fovargue Peterborough 8lb 7 1/2 oz, 4. Neil Adcock Browning Hotrods 7lb 12oz, 5. Ian Benton Fox Match Stanjay 7lb 9 1/2 oz, 6. James Draculic Fox Match Stanjay 7lb 5oz.

Cromwell Lake

KEITH Ellington caught all his fish in the first part of Saturday's match from peg 34 and weighed in 46lb 8oz. Josh Pace was second and Stan Binge third.

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RESULT: 1. Keith Ellington 46lb 8oz, 2. Josh Pace 37lb 12oz, 3. Stan Binge 29lb 12oz, 4. Norman Wilson 27lb 8oz.

Ramsey AS

RAMSEY St Marys is very weedy at the moment and fishing in Sunday's open match was difficult.

Malcolm Sansom won from the peg after the wires with 6lb 7oz. Harry Young was second from peg 2 and Ivan Steels was third from the other side of the wires.

RESULT: 1. Malcolm Sansom 6lb 7oz, 2. Harry Young 3lb 9oz, 3. Ivan Steels 3lb 7 1/2 oz.

Benwick AC

LESS than a pound covered the top three anglers in Sunday's match at Floods Ferry. Kevin Gaunt's all-rudd 7lb 2 1/2 oz was the top weight with Terry Fairbrother and Terry Tye close behind.

RESULT: 1. Kevin Gaunt 7lb 2 1/2 oz, 2. Terry Fairbrother 6lb 9oz, 3. Terry Tye 6lb 7oz.

St Ives AS

WITH river conditions clear and the weather hot and sunny, the Anderson Cup saw small weights almost all of dace.

The annual match fished at Meadow Lane on Sunday was won by Ian Neve with 2lb 12oz with Tony McGregor in second spot and Chris Geeson third.

The trophy was presented at the end by Steve Anderson in memory of his grandfather.

RESULT :1. Ian Neve 2lb 12oz, 2. Tony McGregor 2lb, 3. Chris Geeson 1lb 141/2 oz.

St Neots AS

SATURDAY'S match at Wilden Reservoir was won by Melvin Curtis with 5lb 14oz.

RESULT: 1. Melvin Curtis 5lb 14oz, 2. K Bullis 2lb 14oz, 3. M Baines 2lb 4oz.

Lawn Farm

DAVE Allgood has had a couple of second-place finishes since starting to fish the Golden Rod matches, but he went one better on Tuesday September 22.

Two skimmers were the difference between Allgood and Dave Elliott who only finished a pound behind.

RESULT: 1. Dave Allgood Godmanchester 44lb 12oz, 2. Dave Elliott Cheshunt 43lb 8oz, 3. Keith West St Neots 32lb 10oz.

Grahams Pond

TONY Watling was crowned King of the Pond 2009 on Sunday after catching four small carp for 4lb 7oz.

The final round was held in bright sunshine after a cold start, and catching was difficult.

John Hurley finished in second spot and Stuart Redman - who managed to land a 9lb carp on number four elastic to win on the day - came through into third place.

KING OF THE POND OVERALL RESULT: 1. Tony Watling 45lb 1oz, 2. John Hurley 41lb 0oz, 3. Stuart Redman 38lb 6oz.

Headfen Lakes

LITTLEPORT'S Mark Cross won Sunday's qualifier on Trevs Lake with 50lb. Trevor Oakman was second and Pete Lambdin was third.

RESULT: 1. Mark Cross Littleport 50lb, 2. Trevor Oakman Fox Match Stanjay 45lb 4oz, 3. Pete Lambdin Headfen Lakes 44lb 8oz.

Abbots Ripton AC

SIXTEEN youngsters fished in Saturday's "pinkie challenge" on Wild Goose Leys.

They caught a total of 403 fish on three-metre whips in a thoroughly enjoyable day.

The winner was Layla Furnell with 75 fish with Anna Gaunt in second spot and Max Rush third.

The club expressed their thanks to Kye Jerrom from the Environment Agency and to Stanjay Sports for their support.

RESULT: 1. Layla Furnell 75 fish, 2. Anna Gaunt 55 fish, 3. Max Rush 31 fish.