Round-up: Browning Hotrods win Division Two National

BROWNING Hotrods won last Saturday s Division Two national on the river Trent by just one point. The team from St Neots and Huntingdon landed a weight of 73lb 3oz, with four of their anglers in the top five of section. The team will compete in Division On

BROWNING Hotrods won last Saturday's Division Two national on the river Trent by just one point.

The team from St Neots and Huntingdon landed a weight of 73lb 3oz, with four of their anglers in the top five of section. The team will compete in Division One next year, also on the River Trent.

Hotrods used a variety of methods, including waggler, stick float, ground bait and maggot feeder to win.

Team captain Tim Nash said: "We were fully aware that the river was getting harder by the day - all the time the level was dropping and the water was getting clearer.

"Those in good areas had some pressure as we knew we had to make the most of these if we were going to get a good result.

"I'm very proud of the team - everyone made the most of their pegs, and the result was excellent."

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King of the Fens

THE final match of this year's summer league was fished in glorious weather on Tydd Gote on Sunday.

The fishing was fantastic especially in the sections at either end of the match. Fox Match Stanjay Gold team started the match in an almost insurmountable position, and made certain of the top spot and �1000 team prize with a second place finish on the day.

Ricky Young and John Whincup finished first and second overall, and Anthony Watling was fourth to seal a convincing win for the team. Hans Schunmann, Mark Pollard, Brian Gibson and Bob Nudd also fished for the team during the six matches.

Sunday's winner was Mark One's Bob Bates, who had won the previous week's practice match from the same area in a close battle with Stan Binge.

RESULT: (Individual) 1. Bob Bates (Sensas Mark One White) 71lb 15oz, 2. Stan Binge (Fox Match Stanjay Black) 58lb 10oz, 3. A Page (Peterborough) 37lb 4oz, 4. Gary Miller (Image) 32lb 8oz, 5. John Spalton (VDE A) 31lb 6oz, 6. Martin Howard (Wades) 28lb 15oz.

Teams on the day: 1. Image 20, 2. Fox Match Stanjay Gold 27, 3. Browning Hotrods A 34, 4. Sensas Mark One White 35, =5 Van Den Eynde A & Fox Match Stanjay Black 38.

Final league positions: 1. Fox Match Stanjay Gold 16, 2. Browning Hotrods A 29, 3. Image 34, 4. Wades 40, 5. Mark One White 42, =6 Mark One Black & Lincs County 43.

Cromwell Lake

Wednesday Open

A BEAUTIFUL August evening saw a field of thirteen anglers assemble at Cromwell Lake for good fishing. Keith Ellington started late after having fished at Cross Drove during the day, but was again the winner with an excellent 49lb 14oz . Ricky Ashwell was second and Terry Allgood third.

RESULT: 1. Keith Ellington (Cromwell Lake) 49lb 14oz, 2. Ricky Ashwell (Cromwell Lake) 28lb 8oz, 3. Terry Allgood (Cromwell Lake) 22lb, 4. Vince Hull 19lb 14oz.

Saturday Open

CATCHING was hard on Saturday but it was Ricky and Steve Ashwell who took the top places with Ian Benton in third spot.

RESULT: 1. Ricky Ashwell (Cromwell Lake) 18lb 8oz, 2. Steve Ashwell (Cromwell Lake) 15lb, 3. Ian Benton (Fox Match Stanjay) 12lb 6oz.

Ramsey AS

RAMSEY fished in Saturday's division two national on the river Trent. Ivan Steels and Roger Gowler were the two top scorers, but with an unfavourable draw the team finished in 28th spot.

Sunday's club match was fished at Halfpenny Toll and Andrew Kilby's tench was enough to beat brother Paul into second place. Harry Young also included a tench in his third place weight.

RESULT: 1. Andrew Kilby 9lb 6oz, 2. Paul Kilby 8lb 4oz, 3. Harry Young 4lb 14oz.

St Neots AS

LAST Saturday's pairs match was fished at Lawn Farm and was won by N Thompson and R Fryer with a combined weight of 48lb.

RESULT: 1 N Thompson & R Fryer 48lb, 2. John Pratt & Chris Young 44lb, 3. J Fryer & M McFiggins 34lb.

Grahams Pond

SATURDAY'S open match was won by the in-form John Hurley with 15lb. Steve Webb was second and Gareth James third.

RESULT: 1. John Hurley 15lb, 2. Steve Webb 12lb 14oz, 3. Gareth James 6lb 4oz.

Lawn Farm

Last week's Golden Rod match was won by John Pratt with 63lb 1oz of carp. Mick Burge was second and Mac McFiggins third.

RESULT: 1. John Pratt (Great Paxton) 63lb 1oz, 2. Mick Burge (St Neots) 48lb 8oz, 3. Mac McFiggins (Riseley Beds) 37lb 12oz.

Rookery Waters

JOHN Pratt from Great Paxton followed his Tuesday Golden Rod win at Lawn Farm with victory on Magpie Lake. He edged out Roger Abbott by less than a pound with 76lb 7oz. Pratt's catch was taken on paste and included a 7lb carp.

RESULT: 1. John Pratt 76lb 7oz, 2. Roger Abbott 75lb 11oz, 3. Ray Sladden 65lb 4oz.