Round-up: Binge collects Little and Large title

Cromwell Lake THE final round of this year s Little and Large series was fished on Saturday with Stan Binge already certain of the series win. The match was a very close affair with Keith Ellington and Ricky Young both weighing in over 60lb. Ellington wa

Cromwell Lake

THE final round of this year's Little and Large series was fished on Saturday with Stan Binge already certain of the series win. The match was a very close affair with Keith Ellington and Ricky Young both weighing in over 60lb.

Ellington was the winner with 64lb 8oz from peg 31 while Young took 60lb 2oz from peg five, but won on points on the day and collected the small fish prize.

Ellington's second place on points gave him second in the series with Gary Goodyear taking third spot.

Series Result: 1. Stan Binge (Fox Match Stanjay) 98pts, 2. Keith Ellington (Cromwell Lake) 92pts, 3. Gary Goodyear (Cromwell Lake) 86pts, 4. Ian Benton (Fox Match Stanjay) 76pts.

Result on the day: 1. Keith Ellington (Cromwell Lake) 62lb 14oz, 2. Ricky Young (Fox Match Stanjay Bag'em) 62lb 14oz, 3. Ricky Ashwell (Cromwell Lake) 32lb 10oz, 4. Ian Benton (Fox Match Stanjay) 25lb 11oz.

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Small Fish: Ricky Young 2lb 12oz.

Points: Ricky Young 19.

Cromwell Wednesday Open

WITH the nights drawing in, last week's match started half an hour earlier and the lake fished extremely well. In first place was Norman Wilson with 41lb 4oz from Terry Allgood, who maintained his recent good form to finish second, while Steve Ashwell was third.

RESULT: 1. Norman Wilson (Cromwell Lake) 41lb 4oz, 2. Terry Allgood (Cromwell Lake) 38lb 12oz, 3. Steve Ashwell (Cromwell Lake) 33lb 2oz, 4. Keith Ellington (Cromwell Lake) 28lb 12oz.

King of the Fens - Open match Tydd Gote

AFTER a summer of variable fishing, the good conditions have set up an intriguing final round next Sunday. Sensas Mark One's Bob Bates made the most of his end peg draw catching bream, tench and skimmers on the pole for an excellent weight of 51lb 3oz.

Teammate Alex Bates was second from peg six on the tip, picking up skimmers and the odd small bream, and John Taylor took third spot from near the other end of the match length.

RESULT: 1. Bob Bates (Sensas Mark One) 51lb 3oz, 2. Alex Bates (Sensas Mark One) 31lb 9 1/2 oz , 3. John Taylor (Sensas Mark One) 16lb 15oz, 4. Phil Chesterton (Van den Eynde) 12lb 13oz, 5 Ricky Young (Fox Match Stanjay Bag'em) 11lb 7 1/2 oz.

Benwick AC

TERRY Fairbrother was the easy winner of Sunday's match at Burtons Bank, weighing in 20lb 3oz to finish well ahead of his challengers.

RESULT: 1. Terry Fairbrother 20lb 3oz, 2. Dick Denson 4lb 14oz, =3 Ken Matthews & Tony Ingram 4lb 6oz.

Ramsey AS

MATCH secretary Keith Rayment won Sunday's match on the Narrows, and included two bream in his 13lb 7oz winning weight. Harry Young was second with just one ounce separating third and fourth places.

RESULT: 1. Keith Rayment 13lb 7oz, 2. Harry Young 5lb 4oz, 3. Vern Edgley 4lb 13oz, 4. Roger Gowler 4lb 12oz.

Ramsey fish in the Division Two National on the river Trent on Saturday. Ramsey have some form at the venue, with team members having visited the venue four times in recent weeks with positive results, but as always results on the day will depend on the draw.

St Ives AS

MICK Andrews maintained his recent dominance over match secretary Chris Geeson, this time with a match win in A section on Sunday. Mick weighed in 10lb 13oz with just four ounces covering the next three anglers.

RESULT: 1. Mick Andrews 10lb 13oz, =2 Chris Geeson and Paul Ashcroft 3lb 14oz, 4. Tony McGregor 3lb 10oz.

Claude Smith Junior Trophy

THE Claude Smith Trophy was fished on Dolphin Meadow last Wednesday with prizes for two age groups.

RESULT 11-12 years: 1. Holly Sparks 1lb 4 1/2 oz, 2. Daniel Wing 6 1/2 oz, 3. Jacob Johnson 3oz, 4. Daniel Chapman 2oz.

RESULT 13-15 yrs: 1. Tom Myring 1lb 1/2 oz, 2. Lewis Brant 12oz, 3. George Davies 7 1/2 oz, 4. Scott Anderson 2oz.

Brampton AS

NICK Marriott set a new match record at Sewells Lake in the Frank Ingram Rosebowl on Sunday.

His 36lb 12oz included eight bream and a tench which easily beat the previous record of 23lb 5oz set in September 1999. Colin Oliver was second and Paul Irons third.

RESULT: 1. Nick Marriott 36lb 12oz, 2. Colin Oliver 14lb 5oz, 3. Paul Irons 9lb 15oz.

St Neots AS

WITH no colour or flow, fishing was very difficult for Saturday's match.

RESULT: 1. M. Baines 1lb, 2. Jean-Paul Thomas 8oz, 3. Bob Gill 7oz.

Grahams Pond

Saturday Open Result: 1. Gareth James 18lb 8oz, 2. John Hurley 15lb 2oz.

Lawn Farm

Golden Rod Match

RESULT: 1. Mick Burge (St Neots) 65lb 10oz, 2. John Pratt (Gt Paxton) 46lb 3oz, 3. Mick Sonnett (Godmanchester) 40lb 9oz.

Rookery Waters

OAP Open August 12

RESULT: 1. Dave Farrugia 76lb 1oz, 2. Pete Norris 56lb 7oz, 3. John Pratt 50lb 12oz, 4. Sam Wellens 49lb 12oz.

Fenland Fisheries

The venue is fishing well and offers four lakes all containing good specimens. Weekend places are sold out until late September but there are limited places available on weekday nights. Fishing has been pretty constant with 4 or 5 fish out most nights plus a few catfish to 52lb.

Vermuyden Lake is available on day ticket and has been very popular with the youngsters during the school holidays. For further details, call the office on 01487 841858 or Mike on 07950 666058.